Premiere: Set Mo Bring The Breaks On New Single "Down The Line"

Set Mo continue their run of a single per month with "Down The Line."
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Set Mo

Set Mo

Australian duo Set Mo have quickly become a favorite of mine, releasing a song per month over the course of 2018 ranging from indie dance to more dance-floor driven house music. For their September single, the pair is releasing their new single “Down The Line,” which takes them to new places and heights with the addition of breaks.

The song starts as you might expect form the duo with soft synths and vocals from AJ Wright that fit with any Aussie electronic track perfectly, before descending into a break-driven drop. They tone things back for the middle section, but keep the same mood with lighter percussion and soft strings and the occasional bird call. The song is something different from them and shows they are willing to step away from DJ-oriented house music or indie electronic records with a curveball thrown in here.

“‘Down The Line’ was written with Alister Wright from the band Cloud Control. We met Al a couple of years ago when we had a studio in the same complex and Cloud Control were writing and finishing their second album. We wanted to do a session forever and then finally a few months back we got in the studio and wrote Down The Line,’” explains the group.

They went through a lot of different tempos and ideas before settling on what they have right now.

“It was super fun writing with Al who has a very different writing style to anyone we've ever met. We played a lot with sounds and tempos before getting to where the song is now. We were referencing some sounds from the 90s rave/breakbeat scene but then wanted to create a different feeling so we used some of those elements but at a much slower tempo than what most of that music usually is.

Lyrically we explored the concept of having someone in your life that is in a negative spiral and the slippery slope that can easily lead to when someone isn't in a good place.”

“Down The Line” will be released tomorrow (or today is Australia) September 7 and be sure to check them out at Your Paradise in Fiji in December.

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