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Premiere: Tiga Unleashes Breaks Alias The Dove With Techno-Influenced 'Hypnobreaks Bonus Beats'

The breaks song arrives this Friday via Turbo Recordings.

The Dove

Tiga’s alias The Dove has been largely kept under raps since he first starting releasing music as it. It hasn’t been secret, but he hasn’t been actively promoting it like many artists do. Now he is dipping back into this different side of his production with a two-track project out this Friday via Turbo Recordings. The second track from the project is “Hypnobreaks Bonus Beats” and we are happy to premiere that for you today.

The track showcases the types of breaks The Dove can bring to the table. This alias comes out after The Dove’s third bowl of cereal (relatable to be honest), so he must be full of energy when ready to produce and you hear that in this track. Even before we get to the breaks sections, the song has some wet percussion and a strong bassline as it brings on some of the techno soul that Tiga uses in most of his own records.

'It’s not every day a label harnesses the energies of three different eras in two high-quality digital recordings. But today is not every day,” says Tiga to Magnetic.

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“Hypnobreaks Bonus Beats” will arrive on Friday, September 21 alongside “Feels Like Fire” via Turbo Recordings. You can purchase the track now anywhere now.

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