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Premiere: Uhnknwn - Starlight Unit [We Are The Brave]

The mysterious producer makes his debut on one of UK's finest imprints
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Today, Magnetic presents you the latest from UK techno powerhouse Alan Fitzpatricks' label We Are The Brave. However, instead of bringing you a name you might be familiar with, we bring you an artist few know the true identity of. The artist in question, a man by the name of Uhnknwn. Who is he? That remains a mystery, but Alan had this to say about the artist, "uhnknwn is a brand-new project from an emerging talent who I’ve been impressed with for a couple of years. It’s all very hush hush and mysterious who he is, but I like that. It creates a certain type of creative space and freedom, and I really get why that is important."


Starlight Unit is a more minimal and straightforward percussive track, with intermitted vocal samples weaved in between a strong lead line, but one that doesn't overwhelm. The no-nonsense vibe ties everything together into a tight, smooth package. 

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"I’ve been hanging on to this one for ages to make sure the timing was right and now is the time. I feel the four tracks make up a really strong debut for uhnknwn” adds Alan. Check  the track below, and take your best guess as to who Uhnknwn is. 

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