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Premiere: Uhnknwn - Starlight Unit [We Are The Brave]

The mysterious producer makes his debut on one of UK's finest imprints

Today, Magnetic presents you the latest from UK techno powerhouse Alan Fitzpatricks' label We Are The Brave. However, instead of bringing you a name you might be familiar with, we bring you an artist few know the true identity of. The artist in question, a man by the name of Uhnknwn. Who is he? That remains a mystery, but Alan had this to say about the artist, "uhnknwn is a brand-new project from an emerging talent who I’ve been impressed with for a couple of years. It’s all very hush hush and mysterious who he is, but I like that. It creates a certain type of creative space and freedom, and I really get why that is important."


Starlight Unit is a more minimal and straightforward percussive track, with intermitted vocal samples weaved in between a strong lead line, but one that doesn't overwhelm. The no-nonsense vibe ties everything together into a tight, smooth package. 

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"I’ve been hanging on to this one for ages to make sure the timing was right and now is the time. I feel the four tracks make up a really strong debut for uhnknwn” adds Alan. Check  the track below, and take your best guess as to who Uhnknwn is. 

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