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Yuksek is a master of his craft. For those who follow the various waves of French electronica, his is a name that conjures up enormous respect and admiration. Since rising to prolific heights around ten years ago, he's had workhorse like production, releasing many amazing tracks both of his own and as collaborator. Yuksek has an incredible range, as well, pinning down sounds from all across the electronica spectrum. Demonstrative of this range is a brand new vinyl-only release on house favorite label Razor-N-Tape. He dials in the NYC disco sounds on "Dance in Disco" and combines them with his airtight sensibilities, resulting in a release that is undeniably Yuksek and undeniably outstanding. 

Today I'm delighted to premiere "Dance in Disco," off the b-side of the RNT release. This one just oozes with the best kind of sleaze. With a 4-on-the-floor bass line laying a rock-solid foundation, the screaming French lyrics dance freely with the operatic guitar and piano riffs. Complete with just the right amount of strings that add the lightest dash of drama, "Dance in Disco" is sure to pop your head off in pure bliss.  

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