REVIEW: MJ Arsenal Royale Mini Rig

What really stands out about this piece is the build quality. It is solid and weighty in the hand, like a good piece should be.
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MJ Arsenal Mini-Rig

At first I thought, maybe my friend who sent this mini rig my way didn't realize I wasn't a Christmas celebrator..."I don't have a tree on which to display this amazing ornament." Just kidding— but seriously, the MJ Arsenal Royale Mini Rig is a fully functional, cleverly designed, sturdily built, Faberge Egg-style device scaled down to fit in the palm of your hand.

The packaging is super clever: just pull the foam rectangle out of its clear plastic casing and lift the little cutouts to reveal the body of the rig in the larger of the two chambers, and the quartz bucket in the other, smaller one. Mine also came with a cute little carb cap, wrapped separately. There is ample room in the foam for this. I wonder why it's not included in the box. 

MJ Arsenal Royale

MJ Arsenal Royale

I unboxed the piece, rinsed it out, fired it up for thirty seconds and let it cool for fifty more per the recommendation on the packaging before loading an average sized dab of Barry White live resin and capping it. The hit was hotter and cooled down more quickly than I'm used to from my daily driver, a portable e-rig, but that was just dab one. I realized this might take some time to dial-in -- and I was up for the challenge.

I gave it a day and decided to do it right. After some rigorous trial and error, I managed to get some consistently flavorful hits from this diminutive wonder rig. The magic formula (for me) included adjusting the size of the dab down a little and heating the bucket for twenty seconds and letting it cool for about a minute.

I think it's awesome, and if I had the kind of lifestyle that allowed me to display my canna-themed pieces I would proudly keep this on my mantle. I'd also want to collect all the Royale's siblings and cousins.

What really stands out about this piece is the build quality. It is solid and weighty in the hand, like a good piece should be.

Now, as awesome as this little fellow is, I should note that it is a little awkward to use with a standard sized torch. I use a refillable "mini torch" that is twice the size of the rig. Given how close the bottom of the bucket is to the base (a little more than two inches), figuring out how to position it to be heated up took some puzzling through. It turns out that it is all quite easy once you set it up so that the bucket is hanging over the edge of a table. Another solution would be to use a much smaller refillable torch. I looked around Amazon and some online headshops and couldn't find any that fit the bill. This is a great opportunity for MJ Arsenal to add a branded mini rig-friendly torch to their offerings.

The package also came with a pack of "wands,” five thin metal rods folded into a cannabis leaf shape at one end, fastened together with a label that indicates they are dab friendly. These seem like they will make fine pokers and bowl cleaners, but I can't imagine I'll use these tools for dabbing unless I'm in a real pinch. The crafty, makeshift nature of the wands doesn't seem to belong with the scientifically-precise, clean aesthetic of the accompanying rig and packaging. Here is another opportunity for MJ Arsenal to expand the line by providing mini dab tools, engineered specifically for use with the mini rigs.

I like the small stature of the piece. I agree with the marketing material that suggests that less air equals more flavor— the two pieces I use regularly are similarly sized, and it does make a difference.

This is a sweet little piece, priced just right at $49. The carb cap should be packaged with the rig and there are some logical areas to expand the product line with miniaturized torches and dab tools engineered to be simpatico with device.

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