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This Ain't It: Spotify & Ancestry Curating Playlists With User DNA

You can get a playlist based on your DNA lineage from Ancestry.


Spotify is the king of playlists. It is has been widely accepted among the industry and is leading the playlist revolution when it comes to music. However, they have announced a new partnership that just isn’t it. They are partnering with Ancestry that will allow users to get playlists based on the geography of their ancestors.

To get the playlists, Spotify users will manually input your DNA information from Ancestry to Spotify. Speaking to Noisey, an Ancestry official says that the DNA information provided to Spotify is a list of “ethnic regions” based on DNA results, which is “not stored on any server."

Since the collaboration launched on Thursday, September 21, over 10,000 people have signed up. It isn’t clear how deep the playlists will go into that country’s heritage or they will just just crank out some very basic musical choices that even the average listener may know.

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