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Spotlight: From Nirvana To Outkast -- 8 Best Songs To Get Stoned To

Spark one up with eight tracks across the board you should have on your smoking playlists.
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Music and getting high have always gone together. Whether you like to kick back and listen to some Debussy or need to let a little Led Zeppelin coast through your bones, most stoners have a favorite track list they play again and again.

That includes songs about smoking weed as well, of course.

Here are just a few of the best songs every written about cannabis which you might like to stick on your playlist while you smoke or vape cannabis.

1. Nirvana - MV

Some people think that this song from the masters of grunge is about women and sexuality but it most certainly isn’t. This is about marijuana and it will either make you giggle insanely or feel a deep and worrying connection with the world. Originally left off the In Utero album, it has since become a stoner classic.

2. Cypress Hill - I Want To Get High

Another classic, this time from Cypress Hill, this is a song that only seems to make real sense when you’re high. When you’re not stoned it can definitely drag and bring you down. The words and the riffs take on a whole new meaning after a few smokes, however, and you feel a greater connection with the song.

3. Brewer and Shipley - One Toke Over the Line

Not all stoner songs need to be just a brief stop from the seventh ring of hell. Brewer and Shipley were a 60s and 70s duo who looked like typical dads singing about their experience of drugs. "One Toke Over the Line" is a mix of hilariously bad lyrics and a funky rhythm that you’ll find difficult to get out of your head once you’ve heard it a few times.

4. Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf

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The kings of rock, Black Sabbath, spent a lot of time writing stuff about weed and getting high. That’s no surprise because they were very stoned most of the time. This is for rockers who like their beats raw and unconstrained and is still one of the best stoner songs to kick back to.

5. John Prine - Illegal Smile

John Prine was a country folk singer famous around the 70s and is considered an influential songwriter from this time. You may not recognize the name but you’ll have heard his music at some point. This one is about the joys of smoking pot and is a favorite with stoners in certain parts of the US. It should be on your playlist if you’re serious about weed.

6. Parquet Courts - Stoned and Starving

Another staple for the stoner market, this New York based band may sound a little 70s and 80s but actually first hit the scene at the beginning of this decade. There’s something intrinsically old fashioned and yet current about their sound and "Stoned and Starving" is one of their most popular songs.

7. Outkast - Crumblin’ ‘Erb

You can’t exclude hip hop from a list of great music for stoners. The Atlanta band really hit the mark with "Crumblin’ ‘Erb," a song that combines rap and an strangely eerie disco style sound. It’s the perfect song for relaxing in your favorite chair while you smoke a joint or two.

8. Afroman - Because I Got High

This is a song that hit the stage at the turn of the millennium and seems to have become a kind of unofficial anthem for stoners. Afroman was nominated for a Grammy and the song says all you need to know about current and past stoner generations. Sing along if you like.

There you have it, some favorite songs to sit back and listen to, with our beloved dry herb vaporizer in hand. 

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