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Aphex Twin Releases Chaotic, Experimental New 'Collapse EP'

Aphex Twin releases his much-anticipated new EP.
Aphex Twin Collapse EP

Aphex Twin Collapse

Aphex Twin has released his Collapse EP. The EP was first teased with some 3D artwork posters, put up in cities around the world like Turin, London and New York. He then released the lead single “T69 Collapse,” but now fans will be able to hear the full body of work.

The Collapse EP builds on what fans heard on "T69 Collapse," with its frenetic pacing and chaotic rhythms. This new project builds on his past work, moving away from ambient and jungle into more chaotic drum pieces that bring in analog synths and melodies to either support or contrast the percussion.

This is best heard on “abundance10edit[2 R8’s, FZ20m & a 909]” where the drums continue to fire with organized chaos at a speed that would be difficult for most humans to dance to on beat, but the synths at times help guide the listener and other times provide an interesting and dark contrast to James’ work.

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The full Collapse EP is out now to download or stream via Warp Records now.

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