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C418 Releases Beautiful, Melodic New Album 'Excursions'

The Minecraft producer releases his sprawling new album.

C418 has released his new album Excursions. The Minecraft composer and producer has stepped away from the video game world once again for a project that takes some of its influences from the gaming world, but shows a lot more creativity with his production.

Excursions was previewed with a couple of lengthy singles including “Beton” and the sprawling “Thunderbird,” which we premiered. The album starts with slowly building ambient synths that flutter and float around the listener until it gets to “Beton,” where things really starts to pick up. If you are a fan of deadmau5’s more melodic tracks, the meat of the album will bring out the upbeat basslines and percussion, swirling synths and soft pads. The last third of the album is a bit glitchier, like on “Figure 8,” giving the full record a little more bite, but remains as melodic as the rest of the record.

There are a few songs that serve as interludes to transition the album from one section to the next and serve as tablesetters from some of the longer, more ambitious tracks like “Tingle” or “Thunderbird.”

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Albums like this can feel too long at times and lose their focus to get lost in melodies or rhythms that don’t ever go anywhere, but Thunderbird’s songwriting keeps each of the songs thrilling from start to finish and creates a cohesive work all the way through the record.

Pick up the album on Bandcamp and stream it below.

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