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Yotto Masters His Emotive Deep House Music On Cohesive Debut Album 'Hyperfall'

Yotto's Hyperfall is available everywhere today via Anjunadeep.


Continuing the hot streak for albums in 2018 from high-profile Anjunadeep artists in 2018 (they may not be done either…) Yotto is the next up to release his debut record Hyperfall. The album is light on features and instead is there to showcase what Yotto does best – make emotive deep and progressive house.

The LP explores what has made Yotto so good over the years, but also takes things a bit further than just the driving, deep house cuts that have fueled his club shows for years. This album is meant for that arena, but has a foot firmly placed for the listener to take home as well.

The record starts a little softer with more subdued deep house and then slowly builds through rolling hills into a more melodic, progressive direction towards the end of the record with singles like “Radiate” and then “Walls.”

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Hyperfall has some vocal tracks as well like “The One You Left Behind,” “Turn It Around,” “Caps” and “Hear Me Out,” which help break up the record from just instrumentals. “Caps” manages to have the emotional depth of Above & Beyond song with its fluttering keys and strings.

The record is cohesive and fits all together like one of his sets, building and building until it finally lets you leave on final soft, ambient note with the last track “Waiting Here.” Stream it below and pick up your copy wherever you do that here.

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