Peak Design's new Travel Line has just changed the traveling light game - an all in one pack that can handle anything.

I recently caught up with the Peak Design team at the Outdoor Retailer show in Denver a couple months back and got a chance to check out their new Travel Line up close. If you aren't familiar with these guys, you should be (watch the video above for a deeper dive).

Whether you are an adventure traveler, a professional creative that likes to travel light or just someone that appreciates functionality, this bag system is going to change the way you carry things. 

The Peak Design Travel Backpack in Black (Image courtesy of Peak Design)

The Peak Design Travel Backpack in Black (Image courtesy of Peak Design)

I got ahold of one of the early prototypes of the Travel Backpack (45L Capacity) in black, although not a final production run, everything seemed to be in the right place and it looks and feels amazing for a proto. 

Although it's not available just yet, you can order it now on Kickstarter, but hurry there isn't much time left to score the backer deals which offer a lot of discounted configurations.  

Colors - The bag is going to be available in a black and grey, both of which look great. My only tip is that if you are someone that is on an airplane more than you are home, black might be the better choice as it will show less signs of ware.

Backpack straps and waist belt that easily stow away. 

Backpack straps and waist belt that easily stow away. 

Access and Handles - The backpack offers a lot of different access points, you can get in from the back (main compartment) and either side for quick access via zippers. There are also several compartments that can organize your smaller stuff like sunglasses, keys, tablets, etc. 

Another nice feature is the different ways to carry the bag, there is a handle on the inside back so you can grab it like a duffle (see pic below), the top, the side, and of course the backpack straps/waist belt that can easily be stowed. 

The duffle carry option, notice handles on the side and top as well + great zipper pulls

The duffle carry option, notice handles on the side and top as well + great zipper pulls

The Accessories:

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 2.10.50 PM

Wash Pouch (59.95) - This is more or less a really nice dopp kit developed for the bag if you are going to be traveling with it. Lots of dividers, a hook to hang it with and a silicone mesh interior. I've actually ditched my old Tumi dopp kit and now just use this one for all my travels because it's so good. The ability to easily clean it is a huge plus, as these things can get nasty fast. 

Tech Pouch (59.95) - I always seem to run across things that I didn't know that I needed until I use them, like this pouch. I travel with cameras, memory cards, a lot of cords, battery chargers, etc. and this pouch helped me keep it all organized on my last trip to Hawaii (just in time for the hurricane to ruin it, yay). No more losing essential items for your electronics!

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 2.10.33 PM

Packing Cubes (29.95 | 39.95) - I used both the small and medium versions on my trip, and these too also came in handy for a couple different reasons. First, they allow you to compress your clothing to get more in the bag which is super helpful for longer trips. Second, they have a divider to help you separate clean/dirty clothing. The packing cubes are also made of a super light waterproof material to help keep your clothing safe and dry. 

Pro Tip: If you are doing longer trips it's worth investing in merino wool shirts, socks and underwear as they can be worn multiple times without getting smelly. Brands like SmartWool, Unbound, Y Athletics, Topo Designs and Rhone are all great for this. 

Camera Cube (49.95 | 69.95 | 89.95) - I did not get one of these to test, but they look great and will be available in a small, medium and large version. 

Camera Cube - Essential kit for photogs/videographers

Camera Cube - Essential kit for photogs/videographers

Summary - This might be the perfect bag, and I've been looking for perfect for a long time. The team at Peak Design have considered just about everything here, for every type of traveler (almost, not great for actions sports, etc.), for just about every type of porting. 

Whether you are headed to a photo shoot, commuting with a lot of gear, or headed out on a longer trip - this bag can handle it all. If you are a smart traveler and know how to pack light (see pro tip above), this bag could easily handle a 7-10 day trip or longer. 

Pros: Solid construction, waterproof, lots access points and compartments, multiple handles, great accessories, multiple functions (day pack, gig pack, travel pack).

Cons: You have to wait to get it. 

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