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Lights/Out Exclusive: Uncto Take Us Behind The Scenes Of The Creation For 'Unctuous' [Furanum]

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Every now and then, there is music that you just question, "How the hell did they make this? What is that sound coming from? How can I make something similar?" Most times, you generally won't get an answer unless the artist is generous enough to show you their gear/studio via social media. Fortunately, however, we are able to break down those barriers and bring you exclusive content, direct from the artists themselves. Welcome to another exclusive studio tour. This week, we bring you the Polish/German duo Uncto, creators of serious techno and industrial music. Here we get an inside look at the gear, and software, they used to create their latest release, Unctuous. But, before you read how it was made, first, watch and listen to the track itself, to get a feel for what the gear below can do. 



As we use a lot of various music production opportunities (like analog, modular and digital synths, sampling of acoustic sounds with a stereo recorder, acoustic instruments and plenty of studio software), we would like to shortly introduce the main sound sources and tools which influenced our latest release for Furanum Records: Unctuous.


Lyra 8

That’s the monster analog sound. Thanks to Vlad, the creator of this instrument and owner of Soma Synths in Moscow, we have a perfect tool for our production requirements as well as for our live acts.

Lyra has 8 separate oscillators (non-linear) connected to modulation and filters. All voices are directed to a modulation chain which has two delay effects, LFO, and very good sounding overdrive. This synth sounds powerful while connected to a good reverb processor (for example Big Sky from Strymon). You can hear this synth recorded live in the tracks like “Metzgers Tochter” or “Cold Knife”.


Arturia Microbrute + Analog Modular

This small single oscillator analog synth is big on its own.

Connected to other voltage controlled oscillators has huge sound possibilities.

You can hear this fetter synth for example at the beginning of “Cold Knife” and as sampled sound pushed through modular Doepfer’s waveshaper, filter and chorus/delay effect as the main synth of Cold Knife.


Mutable Instruments, Elements

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Recently we use this synth connected to Black LFO from Erica Synths what makes this synth more „living“.

It’s a unique sounding modular synth from Mutual Instruments, which combines exciter synthesis section that generates raw, noisy sounds, pitch-controlled granular noises or kind of synthetic sounds of explosions. This modular synth has got good built-in reverberator.

Spatial breath of industry generated on this module was recorded live and used in the track “Trust No One”.



This is the legendary analog modular synth with huge sound potential and very nice sounding filter we are using very often in our live acts.

Connected to Eventide Space effector generates wide spatial ambient sounds, which can be heard for example in “Metzgers Tochter”.



Real ambient sounds recorded and used properly in the composition gives some unique living sound effects. It’s one of the most interesting methods of sound generation.

For the recording, we often use a Tascam Stereo recorder, like DR-07. The sources of the metal ambient sounds, which can be easily heard in tracks like “Unctuous” and “Cold Knife” are coming from an old hatch of the boiler, metal tools in the basement and clattering dishes in the kitchen.



Software is the basic foundation of our composition. That’s the spot where all sounds we created are combined together into a track. All ambient sounds, synths and the percussion are implemented into the software from the companies like Propellerhead, Image-Line, and Ableton.

For the pre-mastering we use Sony Sound Forge with some good EQ plugins.

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