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Vitalic Revives Dima Alias, Premieres New Track

The legendary Frenchman goes back to his roots.

For those of us who've been around a while, the name Vitalic is one we know very well, thanks to his legendary productions that blend aggressive electro clash and techno into driving perfection. But, there was a time before Vitalic was, well, Vitalic. This was the era of Dima, similar perhaps in tone, but more rave and club orientated. Why revive the moniker now? Vitalic is also bringing back his label, Citizen Records. Dima and Citizen go hand in hand, so it was only appropriate. 


Dima is described by Pascal himself as “kind of a crazy project with dark, cerebral music,” and he has said that part of why he wants to revive the project is for it’s unique energy and spontaneity. He is planning on releasing and EP known as Sounds of Life through the alias, a collection of music that will fuse the classic 90s Dima style with the sounds of modern synths such as the Modal 008 and the Arturia Matrixbrute. This combination of textures and traditions is sure to result in a very exciting new sound for Dima. Check the preview of Dima's return below, and be sure to grab a copy of the EP, out today.

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