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Watch: Explore The Roots, Present & Future Of Berlin's Electronic Music Scene In New Documentary

See the importance of techno to Berlin in this new documentary.

A new documentary has been released titled Sound Of Berlin, which explores the cities vast and diverse electronic music scene. We are taken around the city that has over 300 clubs, which entertain some its 12 million tourists each year and its 3.6 million residents to see why the city has such a vibrant nightlife and electronic music scene.

The video uses the fall of the Berlin wall and the reunification of Berlin as a major touchpoint in the history of music for the city. They note that reunification began on the dancefloor and spread throughout the city. It then goes into the extensive history of techno, going back to Detroit and the transition to more industrial sounds that has made Berlin one of the most important places for techno in the world. It takes you to famous hotspots and iconic labels like Tresor and Berghain, though they obviously don’t go inside.

The documentary leans on insight from DJs, label owners and nightlife leaders such as Juan Atkins, Dr. Motte, Dimitri Hegemann (founder of the club Tresor), Marc Houle, Monolink, Pan-Pot, Mathias Kaden, Nela, Alexander Krüger, Ekaterina and FreedomB. Houle soundtracked the documentary.

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The documentary was originally produced and released exclusively on Apple Music, but now is available to watch on YouTube. 

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