Weedsday Playlist: Aster Farms President Sam Campodonico Ludwig Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, pass and press play to this week's Weedsday playlist.
Sam Campodonico Ludwig

Sam Campodonico Ludwig

Sam Campodonico Ludwig grew up in a family of farmers, living sustainably off the grid. Sam channels the family passion for eco-conscious farming and sustainability into Aster, coupled with his storied journey founding a creative agency working side-by-side with some of the greatest talents in film as a producer and conceptual partner for directors, production companies, ad agencies and brands. He also knows a thing or two outside of farming. He was awarded the Cannes Gold Lion for Excellence in Music, Best Music Video at the Canada International Film Festival, and his films received two distinct Young Directors Award nominations at Cannes along with nominations at One Screen Film Festival for documentary film and Best Music Video at the Palm Beach International Film Festival. He is now the president of Aster Farms, which is committed to sustainable farming cannabis in Northern California without pesticides. From award winning organic olive oil to fifty years of off the grid ranching, Aster embodies responsible stewardship, integrity, and consistent quality. We brought in Ludwig for a Weedsday playlist, selecting songs from The Blaze, Miike Snow and more.

Aster Farms Cannabis Weed

The Blaze - Territory

The Blaze is a blessing. When we saw their video for "Territory," we were not only inspired by the song but also the video. Whatever this french duo touches, just seems to make sense. The music is so human, emotional, painful yet inspiring, and the video reflects those notes. This paired with some sativa is life changing. Quit-your-job-to-this kinda music. When working on creative for the brand, this is the music we listen to.

Miike Snow - Ghengis Khan

Not only does Miike Snow bring us back to Coachella 2012, but the video is fantastic. Ninian Doff is an amazing director and this video is a tribute to the amazing song. Why do we love it? Because, first, it is an Austin Powers/James Bond reference, which in a way, dates us (totally fine). The production design and choreography smashed it. Every movement and detail is considered and builds on the world we feel. The first time we saw this video and heard the song, minds were blown!

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Buju Banton - Champion

Buju is a classic and “Champion” resonates with our philosophy. Be yourself, love yourself and walk like a champion. Plus, the video is a classic house party, performance video which never fails.

Jain - Makeba

We love world music at Aster Farms. There is even a mix we call “The World Famous World Mix,” which has been known to be on repeat when we're in the field. This song has the productive energy we love and work best to. The video is amazing as well, directed by Greg & Lio, who have done some of our favorite videos over the past few years. Super design-y and graphic.

Seu Jorge - Tiva Razao

There is no video for this, but the song is just, so, fantastic. Brazilian music floods the aforementioned World Mix, topped by non-other-than Seu Jorge. Perfect for Sunday dinner or backyard BBQs, the sophistication speaks to our brand and delivers a light, chill vibe.

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