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Weedsday Playlist: Dope Magazine Co-Founder David Tran's 5 Songs For Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, pass and play to this week's Weedsday.
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David Tran

David Tran is the host of Dope Magazine’s The Dope Chronicles, where he travels to different cannabis markets, delivering behind the scenes access to the industry. Influenced by early legalization rallies in Seattle and attracted to activism, David co-founded Dope (Defending Our Plant Everywhere) Magazine, which publishes a national edition, plus regional editions in eight markets where cannabis is legal. It looks to create conversations to normalize cannabis in society. Tran harnesses his desire through Dope to cultivate relationships, build networks, and deliver a platform that truly connects people in the cannabis space, and beyond.

With a dope platform, we had to have him in for a Weedsday playlist, where he selected tracks from Outkast (who should have been selected for the Super Bowl), Bob Marley and others. 

Cypress Hill - “I Want to Get High”

This album came out the same year I took my first hit out of a soda can behind a 7-11. The entire Cypress Hill album was my soundtrack when I started college, where we had the biggest stoner house on the University of Washington campus. There was something about the horns at the beginning of that song that made everyone stop whatever we were doing and run to the closest bong. Good thing we had over 20 bongs including an eight foot bong and the famous executioner chair bong.

Curtis Mayfield - “Pusherman”

As a small cannabis distributor in college, I always felt that the Superfly record put me in the right frame of mind to sling the best weed in Seattle. With my long brown suede jacket with fur, puffy big hair and bellbottoms, I hit the street hard and felt untouchable.

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Bone Thugs and Harmony - “Thuggish Ruggish Bone”

When I was able to afford a couple of eight inch speakers for my lime green 1975 VW Bug, this song was on replay as I rolled through the streets of Lake City Way. Ironically, the album was released on 4/20/94, the first year I went to Hempfest in Washington, when I realized that the cannabis plant was going to be a part of my life.

Outkast - “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik”

A friend who attended Morehouse in Atlanta came back from summer break with a CD from a new, dope underground group called Outkast that he saw in a small club. On a road trip to LA, we bumped the whole record. Two things happened: I had the worst sunburn from leaving the sunroof open, giving me a square shaped blister around my chest and I pulled a Dumb and Dumber, driving two hours the wrong way after stopping for gas. Still working on my dopeness back then. Doh!

Bob Marley - “One Love”

When I started developing some dreadlocks and sewing dancing bear patches on my backpack, the Bob Marley record put us in the right mood.

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