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1. Oldchap - Je Vend Du Reve

Parisian producer Oldchap is going to get you in the mood for the evening with this smoldering little number. Wait for the serious groove to kick in around 1:41, & keep you wanting more. The translation of "Je Vend Du Reve" roughly is "I'm Selling A Dream," & I want to keep sleeping if the dream is this good. 

2. Lulla - Suffer (Tony Disco Remix)

Nude Disco's Vern & singer Heidrun Bjornsdottir, the two parts that makeup Lulla; are back with "Suffer," a delicious concoction that turns sweetly disco at 1:28, thanks to the fantastic remix by Tony Disco. I already love this band, & this remix takes a dark lyric & makes you forget that anyone is suffering at all.

3. Santa Cruz - Mais Uma Chance (Jack Tennis Remix) 

I love a new take on a classic, & Jack Tennis's spin on this Santa Cruz gem from 1984 makes me want to pack my bags for Brazil. This song is like a warm breeze. Now, where is my tanning lotion?

4. Family of Geniuses - Do Me Like That 

 A funky little cover of E. Live's "Do Me Like That," Family of Geniuses pay homage to a terrific original from a few years back. I love the lighter hand this version takes and the way it makes me sway. The "Hoo!" at 1:48 is exactly how this track will make you feel too.

5. Sky Tony - Moves You Use

This song is funky, sexy, Disco/Funk at it's finest. California's Sky Tony is giving me all the beachy goodness that Orange County can offer. 

6. Raw Silk - Do It To The Music (Dr. Packer's Multi Track Mix)

Dr. Packer just gets me. He finds the best disco classics, & gives them a fresh face that makes them feel brand new. "Do It To The Music" has the sweetest vocals that transport me to a sunnier place. Music takes you higher, indeed!

7. Dorsi Plantar - Grapefruit Dreams feat. Sune

Who said guitars have to be loud? The constant thread to this groove is a tight guitar riff that carries the song from beginning to end. Hailing from Copenhagen, Dorsi Plantar is giving me all the good feels. "Grapefruit Dreams" is very jazzy & satisfying.

8. Simon Says - Feel Me (Yuksek Remix)

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Another cover of a classic track by Blancmange, Simon Says, with an assist from the always genius Yuksek, give us a sexy new turn on "Feel Me." I am feeling you Simon Says, I really am. Funky, plucky basslines elevate this track to the next level.

9. Mix & Fairbanks - Purple

We are going to take a little disco journey to space with "Purple." These lads from Ireland are bringing some other world realness to this smooth jam. This duo are definitely ready for takeoff. Enjoy this flight.

10. Disko Junkie - House Is A Feeling 

The bass notes are going to get you right away on this mover. They say "Everybody Feel That Rhythm House Now," and I definitely am. Audio Jacker's Disko Junkie alias is something I can't wait to hear more from.

11. Isaac Hayes - Groove A Thon (The Funk District 6K Edit)

First of all, how wrong can you go when you are working with the ultimate funk of Isaac Hayes? The answer is, you don't. The Funk District has been serving up some delicious dish lately and the "Groove A Thon" is no exception. This Disco queen says, "All aboard y'all!"

12. Gledd - Every Night

Listen to those bongo drums & try to sit still. It's not possible. "Every Night" hits all the right notes, from jammy bass grooves to floaty flutes & synths that will take you through those late night hours.

13. Najoua Belyzel - Cheveux Aux Vents (Agrume Remix)

"Hair In The Wind" is the translation on this one and that describes the vibe completely on this breezy track. Agrume has delivered another magical remix for us Disco/Funk lovers. 

14. La Felix - Get To You feat. Joshua Moriarty

"Ooh, I Gotta Get To You" is what Joshua Moriarty keeps saying to me, and I have news, he & La Felix have already gotten to me. A superb pop jam, this track hits all the right disco notes.

15. Les Inferno - Brazilewis

Slap bass gooeyness is how this months journey will end. Gorgeous brass & strings lilt in the background of this dreamy slow jam. Keep a lover close at hand for this one. "Brazilewis" is gonna make things really steamy.

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