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9 Most Ridiculous DJs in 2018 DJ Mag Top 100

Who is DJ L and how can he hold one?
Dj Mag top 100 2018

The DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll was released over the weekend and to be honest I had no idea it had happened or the results were being announced. It felt nice to be so disconnected from such a disaster. However, the reactions started to come in when I checked social media much later on Saturday and there was some predictable outrage, though it has been tempered quite a bit. Since the poll has largely become an economic tool to keep DJ Mag going (this music media business is dying), it is now a source of humor for the rest of us. Let us laugh at it with some of the most ridiculous names and DJs on the list.

16. DVBBS: Apparently they still exist. The various issues that have plagued them over their careers don’t seem to have derailed them if they have enough fans to get voted this high. But here we are.

19. Vintage Culture: This seems like an oxymoron. This is where the power of Brazilian music fans can get you anywhere in these polls. His music doesn’t really seem like a vintage representation of the culture. Also this picture is ridiculous. This will be a theme going forward.

29. Angerfist: The jokes write themselves with this name and they do every year. After not getting the Halloween gig, Angerfist made it to 29 in this poll. Maybe these are just horror movie fans?

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30. Bassjackers: These guys have been making big room for a while now, so seeing them isn’t all that shocking, nor is their name all that ridiculous, but the picture is too much. Who are the flowers for? Where were they acquired? Why are they so small?

33. Timmy Trumpet: The dude has a trumpet and a nice hat, but the look has a bit of a librarian feel to it with the metal beads coming down from the sunglasses. Apparently this all gets you to 33.

48: Cat Dealers: Is this a euphemism for something else? On their Facebook page, they say, “we deal cats.” I mean we all love cats, especially some chonky ones, but not sure I want them dealt to me. They say they have nine cats in their house, which is a lot, no need to deal them. 

76. Da Tweekaz: The name and photo together is a tragic combination. It looks like they showed up to a photo shoot for some stock photos and then were told they would be a DJ duo named Da Tweekaz and captured that moment of disappointment.

84. DJ L: This was the most clowned on of the results. Laidback Luke didn’t make it, but this copycat did and the jokes about Ls write themselves. Nobody seems to know who he is. The name and the pose is all the comedy you need today.

98: Rave Republic: They can create their own republic and leave us out of it. Nothing about this is a rave we want to go to. We didn’t vote for this. I demand a recount on this republic. 

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