ABC Nightline Trolled For Naming David Guetta "Godfather Of Electronic Dance Music"

There are a few people who might object.
David Guetta

Godfather of electronic dance music

A recent ABC Nightline segment is getting more attention than it normally would and not for the right reasons. When it comes to who is the godfather of dance music a few names come to mind. Frankie Knuckles, the Belleville Three and Kraftwerk are just a few pretty obvious names you could put in there. ABC decided to call David Guetta the “grandfather of electronic dance music,” which has not gone over well.

When you consider the fact that as a white French guy, Guetta wasn’t in the Chicago and Detroit when the roots for house and techno were being created by black and LBGTQ individuals, it looks even worse. They also helped credit Guetta with bringing house music back to the U.S., which is true. He helped spark the EDM wave in the late 2000s and had a massive influence on dance music in the United States. That shouldn’t be ignored. If you want to label him as one of the guys who helped create that EDM boom and put the genre back on the radio, sure, but putting him up there as a godfather is a bit much.

This is what happens when you have underpaid weekend editors writing headlines and in the end all they care about is the latest Trump tweet or revolving door or "bombshell" scandals.

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The link on the website has been deleted after getting torn apart so justifiably, but the tweet for it still exists.

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