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Bondax Tie Together Disco, Funk, House, Jazz On Eclectic Debut Album 'Revolve'

After over five years, the duo's debut album is here.

UK dance duo Bondax has released their debut artist album Revolve. Five or six years in the making, the record synthesizes what their fans have come to love from them, but supercharges it and with better songwriting.

They have put out a diverse offering of music over the years and this album continues that trend. It certainly builds on and owes quite a bit of its influence to disco, but there are soft, more ambient records and even a hip-hop track mixed in over the 10 songs.

The record really gets under way with “Real Thing” that builds on soft percussion and piano with Andreya Triana’s soulful vocal before soaring violin flourishes, which sound they could appear on a 70s disco record, become the focal point. Revolve is heavy on features, with names like Aquilo, Duckwrth, Daniel Alexander and Sara Z.

“Shells” really starts to explore the jazz undertones of the album with its jazzy piano and playful horns that float over a funky guitar lick.

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“Air” takes a left turn towards rap with talk of vegan hotdogs with a side of relish and it breaks up the album in a bad way. It is a nice chill hip-hop tune with a jazzy touch, but might have been better on its own.

It gets back on track with the soulful and funky “Horizon” and “Give It Back,” before the record descends into slower and more subdued songs. They slow things down with the softer and more emotive “Eyes On You,” where Daniel Alexander seems like he just coming back from a run trying to catch his breath for the first minute before he can start singing about halfway through.

Six years later, they reprise their 2012 hit single “All Inside” that helped break out the group online. It keeps some of the same soft percussion, but adds a bit more of a dramatic touch with soothing vocal harmonies and strings.

They turn up the funk for one last burst of dancefloor energy on the Revolve finale “Last Night” that ties together the funk, jazz and disco flourishes across the record. Pick up the record here.

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