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Apriskah releases thrilling remix of Shadient’s ‘COLLIDER’ on Mad Zoo

Apriskah released his remix of Shadient’s ‘COLLIDER’ and it is a hauntingly good remix of the original. Just in time to be included in your annual Halloween mixes.

Nova Scotia-based producer Apriskah released his remix of ‘COLLIDER’ this past Friday as the second official remix of the song on Mat Zo's Mad Zoo label.

The remix is methodically produced and crisp-sounding from the re-sampled bass and intro melody. As I listen to it for the tenth time, I’m pleasantly surprised at how precisely the song flows and entices you on a three-minute journey from a relatively calm build-up to a glitchy and heavy bass-centric song.

Shadient and the man himself, Mat Zo, had nothing but words of praise for Apriskah and his remix.

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"Apriskah's music has the perfectionist production quality of some of the highest grade engineers combined with the visceral and aggressive energy as most drum n bass producers. I love the remix he did for 'COLLIDER', and hope to see him better recognized in the future (his new tunes are *incredible*!)" – Shadient

“Shadient built 'Collider' out of organic material and Apriskah has resynthesized it from esoteric maths and expired batteries.” – Mat Zo

Mad Zoo is a talented group of individuals coming together to produce refined and exciting electronic music not just for the sake of publicity or fame, but for the collaborative goal of creating the best music possible to share with new and existing fans.

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