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Black Eyed Peas Accused Of Stealing Track By Lone

The group is accused of plagiarizing section from Lone's 2013 single "Airglow Fires"


I think the first sticker shock is that yes, the Black Eyed Peas are making music. They have been putting out singles in anticipation of a new album this year, but there has been a problem with one of them – they may have stolen a section of it from a house record. Their new single “Constant Part 1 & 2” contains a house section about half way through and it sounds a whole lot like Lone’s “Airglow Fires.”

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Lone and his label R&S Records have noticed the similarities and taken their grievances public, noting how similar they sound. Speaking to RA, the label said "no one from The Black Eyed Peas or their label has contacted R&S or Warp Publishing."

"I was actually made aware of the tune a few weeks back when my manager sent me a link to the video," Lone, real name Matt Cutler told RA over email. "Needless to say it put me off my breakfast... I mean, you've gotta laugh really, but that's a total rip-off, no question."

This will probably work itself out with a settlement behind the scenes with the producer getting credit and some points. Instead of going to court and potential delays for the album, everyone gets paid and the process moves along.

Black Eyed Peas representatives did not respond when asked for comment. 

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