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Brian Eno Releasing Deluxe Vinyl Reissues Of Crucial Early Albums

Four albums from the 1970s and early 1980s will get reissues next month.
Brian Eno

Brian Eno

Brian Eno is releasing deluxe vinyl reissues of some of his seminal 1970s albums. He is reissuing four of his albums – Discreet Music, released in 1975, Music For Films, released in 1976, Music For Airports, released in 1978 and On Land, released in 1982.

The LPs will arrive in 2 LP heavyweight vinyl, remastered at half-speed for 45 RPM. A standard 1 LP vinyl, remastered at normal speed for 33 RPM is also available.

The records will be released on November 16 and can be pre-ordered now. Get the discography and genre defining LPs here.

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