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Exclusive Mix: Dew Town Mayor "Leftfield Everything Mixtape" [Micronautics]

The Mayor provides a deep, eclectic, and seductive mix just for us
Dew Town Mayor

Today, Magnetic is proud to bring you an exclusive and eclectic mix from Micronautics superstar Dew Town Mayor. DTM is the solo alias of Thomas Regnault: an electronic producer and multi-platform artist whose other musical projects include Rituel (alongside The Micronauts’ Christophe Monier) and Attention (with Geoffroy Monde). Hot off the release of his ‘Érosion Remixé’ this last month, Thomas graced us with this mix, filled with gems you may not be too familiar with. Here's what he had to say about the mix:

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Be sure to grab your copy of his latest single, Erosion, here.

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