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Exclusive: Kasper Bjørke Delivers Blissful Mix Of All-Time Favorite Ambient Tracks

Dive into some of Bjørke's current and all-time favorite ambient records for this soothing mix.
Kasper Bjorke

Kasper Bjørke

Danish producer Kasper Bjørke is set to release his new album and audiovisual project The Fifty Eleven Project with some of his close friends the Kasper Bjørke Quartet today, October 19. The project will evoke the emotional roller coaster that Bjørke has experienced over five years from 2011 to 2016. He was diagnosed with cancer, quickly operated on and then had five years of checkups before being told he was officially cancer free. It is a beautiful ambient project that captures that emotion and delivers it to the listener. In honor of the album, we got Bjørke to make us an ambient mix with some of his ambient favorite songs and a few tracks from the record.

"I tried to make a mix that made sense by combining current and all time favorite ambient tracks while obviously also adding a couple of compositions from the new album,” says Bjørke to Magnetic. “Putting together an ambient mix is somehow much more demanding than making club mixes that I have done so many times before, but I really like it!”

Listen to the mix and follow along with the tracklist. Pick up the album here.

1. Alexandre Desplat: Childhood

2. Jon Hopkins: Feel First Life

3. Johann Johannsson: Flight From The City

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4. Bing & Ruth: The How of It Sped

5. Max Richter: Dream 13

6. Kasper Bjørke Quartet: Dur For Vitus

7. Visible Cloaks: Place

8. Tryst: A Bubbling Stream

9. David Bowie: I Can´t Give Everything Away (Farewell Mix)

10. Tom Rogerson & Brian Eno: An Iken Loop

11. Aris Kindt: The Consul

12. Ekko: Rehearsal

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