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Exclusive: Uone On The 5 Moments That Shaped His Balance Mix

Uone tells how his Balance mix was created over two-and-a-half years.

With mix compilations arriving every week, consumers don’t really think about the effort that can go into them. We spoke to James Zabiela earlier in the year about the year it took for him to work on his Balance mix. Australian DJ and producer Uone went a bit further, spending two and a half years to create his own Balance mix, producing mostly original music for the compilation, while still touring and putting out some other music during that time period. At 21 songs, the entire mix has his stamp on it, whether it is his own songs, collaborations or a mix of another record from the likes of Luke Chable, Monolink or Jam & Spoon. We asked the Melbourne house producer about the five moments that really shaped the process of this mix and they are for you below. The compilation will be released tomorrow. Check out the previews below and pre-order here.

Moment 1 – Secret Garden Party 2018

Mojo Filter invited to play the 2nd last set ever on the Lost Woods Stage at Secret Garden Party 2017. On the Saturday I was listening to Mojo Filters set and I was lucky enough to spot Adam Freeland on the dance floor. I took this opportunity to express to him how much he has been an inspiration in my early days as a DJ (his Fabric live compilation is still timeless). We got chatting and he mentioned he was going to be visiting Australia in January. I invited him to visit my Ranch-O-Relaxo property and I knew that Mojo Filter would also be visiting the Ranch in this period so we planned to make a studio date. I naturally invited mentor and close friend Jamie Stevens to join us since he has been friends with Adam for over 20 years. We all witnessed the Blue Blood Moon Eclipse and the day after we produced “After The Blood Moon."

Moment 2 – Remixing Infusion – Spike with Andreas Henneberg

In the summer of 2016 I managed to wrangle Andreas Henneberg into having a studio session with me whilst visiting Berlin. I'd been playing his music for years as The Glitz and as Henneberg. I’d been holding onto the Infusion parts for some time and tinkering around with a remix. But it was not until I got to Hennberg's studio in the Berlin countryside that I knew we were going to create something truly special. Andreas’ knowledge and expertise on analog equipment is parallel to none. Its like watching Beethoven or Hans Zimmer conduct there music. This really blew my mind.

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Moment 3 – The meeting of 2 eagles

The vocals you can hear on "Space Between Love" are sung by a beautiful lady named Briony Taylor-Brooks. I had never meet Briony before but my musical sister Philosophia recommended we work together. Upon Briony walking up the stairs to Ranch-o-Relaxo studio she was carrying a Wedge tail Eagle feather. I instantly ran downstairs in the house and got my feather from my box. At this point when the two feathers meet something special was born. Briony’s voice reminded of Dolly Parton, it has this beautiful natural vibrato and naturally matched the vibe of the track.

Moment 4 – Serendipitous festival meetings with Jam&Spoon

Musicaly as a 90s child, Jam & Spoon were my idols, and in 2016 I was lucky enough to meet Rolf El Mar (Jam) in the back of an artist transfer to Cirque Magique Festival in Belgium. Rolf and I were the only two artists transferring and naturally mentioned to Rolf that I absolutely loved his track "Be Angeled" and had been playing around with and edit whilst on my travels. He was intrigued and to my surprise and politely offered the remix files. Working closely with my Beat & Path brothers Out Of Sorts, we were very careful to bring the track into a modern form. It chugs along at 118bpm and pays homage to the original.

Moment 5 – Support from my best friend

You could probably understand that after working on a project for close to 2.5 years it becomes extremely personal. You almost get so attached to the details that its hard to let go and at one point on July 1st I really was to close and lost my mojo to finish. But it was my best friend Josh Martin who came over to the studio completely side ways and gave me the moral push that I needed. We listened to the whole 147min mix from start to finish. Josh drank scotch & danced in the background whilst I did the final touches to mix. I was under the pump because i was about to leave for a European tour and everything had to be finalized.

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