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Exclusive: Young Futura Dive Deep With This Funky Disco Mix

Get some disco grooves for the weekend.
Young Futura

French producer/DJ Futura and D.C rapper Beau Young Prince are Young Futura, a production and rap duo that bridge their two strengths together to create some funky ass music. After releasing some more aggressive music in the past, they want to give you the smooth summertime hip-hop the world needs. Their new single “Wallflower” is everything about that with smooth rhymes, guitar and funky basslines. To celebrate the release, the duo dropped us a mix with with some of their favorite deep funk and disco cuts.

“Disco/funk is a universal language,” says the duo about the mix. “Some of these records are classics in each of their respective countries and I recommend anyone to keep exploring and digging gems from shops and obscure playlists. This is the only category of music that never stops surprising me and I hope this mix will give you a bit of a taste for it."

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Listen to the full mix and dance along into the weekend.

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