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Get Spooky: Listen To John Carpenter's New 'Halloween' Soundtrack

It is time to get in the mood for Halloween and there is no one like John Carpenter to do that.
Halloween Soundtrack

It is that time of the year folks. It is time to get spooky. RL Grime’s mix is almost here. Rezz is dropping a mix on Monday and you are pretty much obligated to watch some horror movies and shows over the next couple of weeks. A new Halloween movie is set to hit theaters tomorrow (well tonight), October 19, and one of the things that people are most excited about is the score. John Carpenter is back as the executive producer and composed and performed the soundtrack alongside his son Cody Carpenter and godson Daniel Davies after doing the iconic score for the original in 1978.

Carpenter spoke to EW about how he got involved and how they managed to update the score and build on it forty years later.

“We’ve got the basic themes from the first film, but we’ve improved them with the new technology we’re working with today,” says Carpenter. “Because that was way back. I was working with tube amplifiers in those days, which you had to tune up. Nowadays, it’s unbelievable! But we invented new music in certain places that required it. You can’t just retrofit something. It’s got to work for the film. So, it was a combination of two things — old and new — and it was just a blast. It was fun!”

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The soundtrack will be released tomorrow, the same day as the film. Pre-order it via Sacred Bones here

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