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Amsterdam Dance Event is more than just a non-stop marathon of events, their day portions consist of insightful panels discussing topics ranging from Green Initiatives to Industry Discussions to Gear Testing.  This year's programs include: 

ADE Green: This will explore the newest and most impactful strategies and personal experiences in environmental and social change within the industry.

ADE 2017 Amsterdam Dance Event

ADE 2017

ADE Pro includes a 20-minute keynote detailing all the most important players in the live and club scene, plus the managers and agents that make things happen, the labels and publishers who are involved in electronic music, and the tech platforms that matter. 

ADE Tech curated by Paylogic and in association with Paradiso, will be featuring some of the most important emerging technologies and showcasing some of the brightest minds of our generation.

ADE University an outreach program that aims to inspire and educate both Dutch and international students who aspire to be the music professionals of the future. It offers a unique program full of interactive discussions, keynotes and Q&A’s, workshops and network sessions covering every possible area of expertise. Shepherding the "university" are highly experienced professionals eager to share the knowledge they have gained through years of experience. 

ADE 2017 Amsterdam Dance Event

ADE 2017 Amsterdam Dance Event

Here are Magnetic Mag's ADE Conference picks by day: ADE Conference picks by day: 

Wednesday, 10/17

How to Get Paid in Full @ 12PM - 12:45PM @ DeLaMar Theatres @ Marnixstraat 402

Why? This panel will focus on royalties and income streams that help pay those bills. The discussion will include an overview of the various types of royalties, including those paid by streaming services to artists and writers, as well as how other parties such as publishers and producers get paid. Speakers: Gary Adelman (Adelman Matz P.C., US) Founding Partner, Mathew Daniel (NetEase Cloud Music, CN) Vice-President, Sarah Matz (Adelman Matz P.C., US) Partner and Moderator: Jeff Gandel (Royalty Recovery, US) Owner.

6 Innovations That Will Change the Event Industry @ 12PM - 1PM @ DeLaMar Theatres @ Marnixstraat 402

Why? Topics ranging from interesting innovations to a prospective future for the industry. Speakers are Hooman Nassimi (Society in Motion, IR) Founder, Jaime de Zwart (, NL) Founder James Molkie (Comp-a-tent, GB) Co-Founder, Orion Herman (Liquid Gold // Weestand, SA) Founder & CEO, Peter Scheer (SEMiLLa, NL) Business Developer, Tijl Couzy ( Lab Vlieland, NL) and Moderator: Wilbert van de Kamp (Innofest, NL) Start-up Scout.

From House to Disco: Discogs Data and Electronic Music @ 1PM - 1:30PM @ Generator Amsterdam U1: Main Room @ Mauritskade 57

Why? Chad Dahlstrom will do a short and interesting keynote about the technical side and the database of Discogs. Learn about how it turned from a collector's hobby into one of the most important websites in all of music. Speaker Chad Dahlstrom (Discogs)

How A Modern Label Works @ 1PM - 1:45PM @ Geberator Amsterdam U2: Panel Room @ Mauritskade 57

Why? Learn more about how a modern label works; who does what, how are responsibilities divided up and how might you fit into the jigsaw puzzle that is the modern record label. Speakers are Kimberly Tanikromo (Bitbird, NL) Label Manager, Matthew Gawrych (Ghostly, US) Project Manager, Thorwald van den Akker (Bitbird, NL) Co-Founder/Creative Director, Roland Leesker (Get Physical, DE) DJ/ Producer with Moderator: Dave Jenkins (DJ Mag, GB) Author.

Rave for a Revolution @ 1:15PM - 2:15PM @ DeLaMar Theatre @ Marnixstraat 402

Why? In this panel, hear fascinating stories in which music and the arts played a significant role in creating own realities. From peacefully revolting against police violence in Georgia, breaking taboos with music in Uganda, to creating a sense of freedom and healing from underground raves in Palestine. Music and culture should never be underestimated as the most important driver of positive change. Speakers are Bogomir Doringer (RS) Artist, Curator and Researcher, Derek Debru (BE) Co-founder Nyege Nyege Festival, Giorgi Kikonishvili (BASSIANI, GE) Promoter, Jazar Crew (PS) Culture & Art Collective, Naja Orashvili (BASSIANI, Horoom Nights, GE) Founder and Author and Moderator: Femke Dekker (My Little Underground, NL), Contemporary Arts Curator, (Radio) DJ

ADE 2017 Amsterdam Dance Event Headphones

History Repeating: Gotta Have House @ 3:45PM - 4:30PM @ DeLaMar Theatre @ Marnixstraat 402

Why? Entertaining the possibility that while the birth of new styles is exciting, it's also equally important that dance music creates lasting templates for dancefloor joy but, will people still be dancing to house music et al 100 years from now? Speakers Austin Kramer (Spotify, US) Global Head of Dance and Electronic Music, Deron Delgado (Dirtybird Recrods/Paradise Distribution, US), Label Manager Simon Dunmore (Defected Records, GB) Founder, Managing Director, Todd Terry (US) DJ, Producer and Moderator: Tommie Sunshine (US) DJ, Producer, Label Owner, TV Presenter.

The Future of Plastic - presented by Green Events @ 3:45PM - 4:30PM @ DeLaMar Theatre @ Marnixstraat 402

Why? Learn how to use plastic in a responsible way and what will that future look like! State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management Stientje van Veldhoven will sketch the future of our plastics. Speakers are Stientje van Veldhoven (State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management, NL), Jasper Goossen (Apenkooi, NL), Mariana Sanchotene (Amsterdam Dance Event, NL) Director, Sam Feldt (NL), DJ, Producer, and Moderator: Natasja van den Berg (NL)

The Music Industry Laid Bare @ 5PM - 5:45PM @ Generator Amsterdam U2: Panel Room @ Mauritskade 57

Why? Each day we bring together a team of experts, all with a different professional background, to give you a complete picture of who does what and why they have that role, so you can decide which area interests you most. Speakers are Abi Getto (Seven20, US) Artist Manager, Brent Roozendaal (Drift, NL Founder Cara Daley (Liaison Artists, US) Artist Agent, Clara Suess (Suess Media, GB) CEO and Moderator: Carly Wilford (SISTER, GB) Radio DJ

Thursday, 10/18

A New Era for Independents @ 12PM - 12:45PM @ DeLaMar Theater @ Marnixstraat 402

Why? In this discussion, A2IM and some of its members will take an expansive look at the independent sector and discuss why and how it's more viable than ever to stay independent. With speakers; Georgia Meyer (MIDIA, GB) Analyst, Lorne Padman (Dim Mak Records, US) Vice President & Label Manager, Nick Roden (Ingrooves Music Group, GB) SVP, Business and Label Development, Patrick Ferrell (A2IM, US) Director, Member Services and Siofra McComb (!K7, DE) Head of International Sales & Marketing

Publishing Doesn't Need to be Boring @ 12PM - 12:30PM @ Generator Amsterdam U1: Main Room @ Mauritskade 57

Why? This panel will tell you all you could hope to know about how publishers find and nurture talent, and maybe how you can attract their attention too. With speakers; Miller Williams (Kobalt Music, GB) Sr. VP Creative and Moderato, Shan McGinley (SISTER, GB) Radio DJ

The Pollinating Effect of Music @ 12:30PM - 1:15PM @ DeLaMar Theatre @ Marnixstraat 402

Why? This phenomenon is especially relevant to the dance floor where politics don't generally matter and open-mindedness is the norm. A discussion talking about a way that music can help our hate-tolerant world today. With speakers, Derek Barbolla (Cercle, FR) CEO & Founder, Marc Roberts (FMLY Asia, GB) Partner/Agent, Matt Medved (Billboard Dance, US) Founder, Thomas Frost (Crack Magazine, GB) Director, and Moderator, Pay Kolmüs (NL) Journalist, Presenter, Artist Consultant

ADE 2017 Amsterdam Dance Event Vinyl

The Record Bag of Jayda G & Kenny Dope @ De Brakke Grond @ Nes 45

Why? During this panel the two artists will talk about the meaning certain records have and about what kind of feelings they get from them. With both having a broad spectrum of musical interests, like fusions of house, hip-hop, Latin, jazz, funk & soul, reggae and last but not least electronic – it promises to get very interesting and diverse! With artists, Jayda G (CA) DJ and Producer Kenny Dope (US) DJ, Producer

Breaking Acts - Towards A Borderless, Global Music Market? @ 1:45PM - 2:30PM @ DeLaMar Theatre @ Marnixstraat 402

Why? What does a borderless world mean for the ways in which labels operate and how they form partnerships? What can the indie sector learn from the major label structure? With speakers, Branka Maksimovic (We Rave You, RS) Marketing Director, Grace McKracken (Grace McKracken PR, GB) PR, Ineke Daans (PIAS, BE) Live Strategy Manager, PIAS Nites Coordinator, Jean-Sebastien Permal (Sony Music Entertainment, DE) A&R, Tanya Makarova (RUSH Music, RU) Artist Relations and moderator, Georgia Meyer (MIDIA Research, GB) Analyst

Asia Incoming! @ 2PM - 2:45PM @ Generator Amsterdam U2: Panel Room @ Mauritskade 57

Why? What are the trends, successes, opportunities in Asia, and how this will impact the rest of the international EDM industry in the short-term future? With speakers, Alan Walker (NO) DJ/Producer, David Gordoni (United Talent Agency, US) Agent, and Gunnar Greve (Liquid State, NO) Managing Director

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How to Start Your Own Label @ 2PM - 2:45PM @ De Brakke Grond @ Nes 45

Why? During "How To Start Your Own Label" some of the greatest professionals from the industry will take place on the stage and discuss some of the roadblocks that may occur along the way, as well as the advantages that come with the ownership of a label. The path they already have walked and the lessons they have learned along the way. An informative and beautiful educational discussion for future generations. With speakers, Mario Morales (mau5trap, US) Label Manager, Renaat Vandepapeliere (R&S, BE) Label Owner, A&R, William Djoko (Djoko, NL) Label Owner, Artist and moderator, Kered (US) DJ, Producer, Label Owner

Friday, 10/19

Rane DJ Presents: A History of Turntablism @ 11AM - 11:45AM @ De Brakke Grond @ Nes 45

Why? With a history spanning over 30 years, the art of turntablism has morphed, molded, expanded and grown into a worldwide phenomenon. For decades DJs have been hooked on cutting and scratching their record collection into routines to impress their friends, right up to impressing judges on a global stage. This panel will dive into the art form from its inception through to the present day and look at the skills and routines that defined the movement to the technology that drove it. With speakers, Chad Jackson (GB) '87 DMC World Champion @ JFB (GB) DMC Championships in '07, '11, '15 & Red Bull Thre3style, Mr Switch (GB) 4 x DMC World Champion and moderator, Dave Jenkins (GB) DJ Mag, Mixmag, UKF Journalist

ADE Amsterdam Dance Event VInyl

The Creative Side of Publishing @ 11:30AM - 12:15AM @ DeLaMar Theatre @ Marnixstraat 402

Why? Music publishing is a large portion of an artists' income and has always been a linear process. This panel features dynamic and inspired individuals who are re-inventing the business of publishing. With speakers, Daniel Turcotte (Monstercat, CA) Head of Business Affairs, Keatly Haldeman (Riptide Music Group, US) CEO, Co-Founder, Michèle Hamelink (Sony/ATV Music Publishing, NL) Senior Creative, A&R Manager, European A&R Scout, Miller Williams (Kobalt Music, GB) Senior VP Creative and moderator, Jessica Ibgui (Budde Music France, FR) Senior Marketing, Sync & Licensing Manager

How to Land a Job in the Music Industry @ 12PM - 12:45PM @ Generator Amsterdam U2: Panel Room @ Mauritskade 57

Why? Want to find out if you have what it takes to become a music industry professional? This is your chance to meet the most important career influencers in the industry. Listen, learn and find out all about working in the dance industry; what skill set you to need and how to stand out from the crowd.  With speakers, Anca Beije (Born4Jobs, NL) Founder, Emma Lee (Eelee Agency, GB) Founder, Ginny Ranu (Vacature via Ginny, NL) Founder/ Creative Director, James Bullock (The Wild Seeds, GB) Founder and Kirsten Bense (Media Stages, NL) Talent Development

SAE Institute: From Studio to Stage @ 12PM - 12:45PM @ De Brakke Grond @ Nes 45

Why? How do modern artists approach working in the studio and on stage? We talk about studios, live setups and DJing and find out techniques that enable our guests to translate their vision from concept to reality. With speakers, Camiel Daamen (NL) DJ, Producer, Live Act, Joseph Capriati (IT) DJ, Marcel Fengler (DE) DJ and moderator, Dave Clarke (GB) DJ, Producer

The New Wave of Labels From Unusual Places @ 12:30PM - 1:15PM @ DeLaMar Theatre @ Marnixstraat 402

Why? What drives them to take on the hazards and joys of marketing releases and breaking acts? Is their audience radically different from traditional music consumers, and if so, in what ways? And what do they bring from their different backgrounds that might change, improve or even revolutionize the way labels have traditionally functioned? With speakers, Gustav Käll (Universal Music Group, SE) Head of Esports, Orri Sachar (Monstercat, CA) Head of Artist Development, Siofra McComb (!K7, DE) Head of Marketing and Sales and moderator, Carl Loben (DJ Mag, GB) Editor-in-Chief

Fontys ACI Presents: The Power of the Playlist @ 1PM - 1:45PM @ Generator Amsterdam U2 Panel Room @ Mauritskade 57

Why? The Spotify playlist is becoming as powerful as any radio station in directing global tastes, and that includes in dance music as much as in any other sphere. With Spotify now allowing artists to upload music direct to the service, these questions have never been more vital; So who is managing these playlists? How does an artist or track get chosen? What value does this have for artists and labels? What are the curators gaining from this? With speakers, Austin Kramer (Spotify, US) Global Head of Dance and Electronic Music, Daniel Lee (NoCopyrightSounds, GB) Label Manager, George Hess (Armada, US) Label Representative, Jonas Blue (GB) DJ, Producer, and moderator, Matt Medved (Billboard Dance, US) Founder

New Label Models @ 4PM - 4:45PM @ Generator Amsterdam @ Mauritskade 57

Why? What are the main differences between majors and these new label models in terms of contracts, artist development, and marketing and promotion? How do YouTube Curators evolve into 360 brand and record labels? All these questions and more are discussed in this panel with young professionals from the scene, who are at the forefront of this new wave of independent labels. With speakers, Gino van Eijk (Future House Music, NL) Co-Founder, Malena Wolfer (Believe Music, GB) International Manager, Magnus Textor (Universal Music Group, DE) Senior A&R, Sarah Stam (AEI Group, GB) Marketing & PR and moderator, Justine Servais (Armada, NL) International PR & Promotion Manager

Shot By Both Sides - The Ups and Downs of Management @ 4PM - 4:45PM @ DeLaMar Theater @ Marnixstraat 402

Why? ADE brings together some of the most successful and effective managers in the business to find out their coping strategies, what their favorite stress toy is, and how they manage to stay sane being a manager. With speakers, Kelly Money (Little Empire Music, GB) Vice President, Monique Dardenne (Women's Music Event, BR) Co-Founder, Neil DeGuzman (Ask My Management, DE) Head of Artist Management, Patricia Altisent (Transmat Agency, CH) CEO, Moderator, Susan Langan (US) DJ, Singer, Producer

Saturday, 10/20

ADE 2017 Amsterdam Dance Event

Creating the Perfect Track for a Commercial @ 12PM - 12:45PM @ De Brakke Grond @ Nes 45

Why? For this session, an industry vet will educate and guide the audience from A to Z in the process of crafting the perfect music for a commercial. With speaker, Paul Laffree (Laffree Audio Enhancement, NL) Producer, Sebastiaan Roestenburg (Ambassadors, NL) Composer, Founding Partner, and moderator: Joep Meijburg (Ambassadors, NL) Composer, Sound Designer

Roland Masterclass with DubFX @ 2PM - 2:45PM @ De Brakke Grond @ Nes 45

Why? DubFX has been a vocal effects and loopstation artist for Roland for years - check his site For this session, we're going to have him take the audience through his setup, explaining how each piece works to fit into the larger act, and then giving a performance example of his work. There'll be time for Q&A too, and hopefully even for a little one-to one jamming. With speaker, Benjamin Stanford (Dub FX, AU) Live Act and moderator, Peter Kirn

The Artistry and Business of the Global DJ @ 3PM - 3:45PM @ De Brakke Grond @ Nes 45

Why? From building the perfect set through strategies to make your sets tighter, DJ technology, how sound quality and compressed files affect your set, all the way through to how to build your ideal fan base and make a living while safeguarding your artistic freedom and integrity. And on the most practical, nuts-and-bolts level, we'll talk about how to make sure you get paid, how to deal with event promoters and nightclub owners, how your contracts should be structured and what they should include. Learn from the DJ elite, and let them share their journeys, and the lessons learned, with you. With speakers, Cassy (GB) DJ, Producer, Tommie Sunshine (US) DJ, Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter, Label owner and moderator, Cevin Fisher (US)

ADE 2017 Amsterdam Dance Event

 With just a couple days away - do not pass up the chance to check out one of these or any of the other events happening this Amsterdam Dance Event! Grab your Conference tickets here!

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