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On a windy, rainy Thursday night in Nashville, fans gathered inside of Marathon Music Works waiting to hear one of Sydney’s most renowned artists. The show began once an illuminated acoustic guitar accompanied by an intimate voice presented itself, projected from the solo artist Katie Crutchfield (a.k.a. Waxahatchee), standing out among the enormous dark venue. Katie eventually disappeared into the darkness backstage until minutes later when multiple figures reappeared onto the stage backlit by deep red lights. Anyone could’ve guessed who walked on stage, but everyone paused to hear the thick Australian accent cut through the air for assurance. Courtney Barnett was finally here and ready to play.

Arguably one of the best parts about Barnett’s live performance was how much the overall sound differed from live to recording. Some think of an album like Tell Me How You Really Feel as an album you’d fix a drink and relax to after a long day at work. Though in person her sound tugs between mellow and mosh-pit worthy. “Hopefulessness” is a great example starting with a somber tone and gradually picking up pace until Courtney joyfully dances around the stage playing her guitar behind her head. Also, during “Nameless, Faceless” you could clearly see the crowd pushing around and with good reason. In the end, all Courtney Barnett may be "really feeling" as a musician is the undeniable power of her articulate lyrics and soul-seizing riffs loved by so many.

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