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Premiere: Dubspeeka - Garrison4 [Korpus9]

The mysterious producer lays the groundwork for Russia's latest label

Today, Magnetic brings you a fresh premiere from one of techno's more mysterious producers, Dubspeeka. Not all that much is known about the Bristol native, who likes to keep a lower profile and let the product do the talking. In his latest endeavor, he has produced the first release for a brand new label, Korpus9, with a four-track EP oozing with his sly and atmospheric style. Garrison4, the final track on the release, is dark, minimal, tune, with a fidgeting percussion line, and warm glowing pads. The contrast from said pads against the airy darkness creates a perfect contrast, something Dubspeeka has definitely mastered. Check the track below, and be sure to grab a copy of the release when it's out. 


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