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Premiere: Indie Electronic Duo HUMANS Unveil Smooth, Dreamy Album Title Track 'Going Late'

The single is taken from their upcoming album Going Late, which will be released next month.


Canadian indie electronic duo Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq are HUMANS and they are in the stretch run to release their third album Going Late. After releasing their Juno Award-nominated second LP Noontide back in 2015, there was some pressure to keep the momentum with their third. The duo has started to reveal singles from their upcoming album Going Late and today we are ready to premiere the LP title track before it is released on Friday.

“Going Late” continues what you know about the duo, but brings it to another level. The over 10 minute long track is a slow-burning and hypnotic track that has a bit of a Bob Moses vibe to it. It is built around guitar plucks, a funky bassline and dreamy vocals that all blend together into a silky smooth song that flows effortlessly from start to finish.

“’Going Late’ is about how one person can be your own personal black hole -- and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But relationships can be a dizzying experience,” says Robbie Slade to Magnetic, explaining what they are signing about. “The gravity surrounding a very special or important person can put blinders on to what’s happening in your career, or your projects. Also, time seems to move inconsistently in relationships."

“Going Late” is a song that is both very laidback and also very danceable. “Going Late” the single will be released on October 26 and the album will be released on November 16. Pre-order the LP here.

Going Late Tracklist:

1. Breakfast With Liz

2. Felony

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