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To put it simply, The Silver Rider is one amazing dude. One of the sweetest guys in the industry, he has a marvelous way of bringing his wonderful smile into every track he has a hand in. He's got releases on all of the best labels around the world, the most recent of which hail from the studio in his 6th generation Texas farmstead (which you can read more about here). Adding to his impressive Discogs listing, The Silver Rider has a forthcoming release on Lovedancing titled Farm to Tables. Very on theme, Davey! "All I Do" drops on October 26th and I can't wait to get my hands on it! It'll be vinyl only for now, but you can expect to see a digital release some time next year. 

"All I Do" is a wonderful piece of disco house. Approachable with it's 4-4 and claps, the brightness is augmented by the relative simplicity of the production. The lack of unnecessary features allows for us listeners to pay attention to and fall in love with the beautiful, dreamy vocal samples used throughout. As the track takes full form with a tinge of winds and strings, it instills a glorious dreamlike stupor.  

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