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Premiere: VHS Collection 'One' Gets Trio Of Remixes From RAC, Fred Falke, Zach Nicita

VHS Collection's "One" gets supercharged by expert remixers.
VHS Collection

New York City synth-pop trio VHS Collection have been putting out energetic and fun synth-pop for the past few years now. Coming in small doses of singles then packaged into EPs, the trio has consistently grown with their instrumentation and songwriting with each passing release. Released in April, “One” has been one of their strongest singles to date and now it is getting three remixes from some experts in the craft, RAC, Fred Falke and Zach Nicita.

RAC kicks off the remix package and focuses on the vocal, while adding more emphasis on guitar plucks and stripping away the original's big synths to give the track a more subdued feel. Fred Falke works some nu-disco magic on the track, keeping much of the original structure, morphing the synths into something that fits with his sound and adding a bit more of a chugging bassline. Though the first two are the big names that jump off the screen at you, don’t skip the last remix from Zach Nicita, the group’s drummer. He also strips away most of the big synth work of the original, but unlike RAC, he works more with the drums, giving it a playful dancefloor rework with some cavernous melodies echoing in the background.

“We couldn't be more excited to share this collection of remixes. RAC, Fred Falke, and Zach Nicita are each incredible producers and it's awesome to hear their unique takes on ONE. I've been listening to Andre (RAC)'s remixes for the better part of a decade. They share the perfect middle ground between electronic and indie sensibilities. His remix of ‘Wait Up’ by Tokyo Police Club is one of my favorite tracks of all time,” says Conor Cook from VHS Collection in a statement to Magnetic. 

“Fred Falke's disco tinged house tracks are such classics. He is a true legend in that world and it's such an honor to have him as a collaborator on this project. I don't think I've ever played a DJ set without ‘808 At The Beach.’ For those of you who don't know, Zach Nicita is our drummer. Despite only owning 3 t-shirts, he's produced some amazing tracks the last few years, including Verite's' Somebody Else.' Hi Zach, thanks for the remix.”

All three remixes will be released tomorrow, October 12. VHS Collection will be releasing their debut artist album Retrofuturism on November 2. See the complete tracklist below.

1. One

2. I Can’t Stand It

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