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Premiere: Keep Summer Alive With Vök 'Night and Day'

Vök have a new album coming in early 2019.


Icelandic indie-pop trio Vök are prepping to release a new album in early 2019 and to get fans ready for that, they are unveiling some new music. We are happy to premiere their new single “Night and Day,” which will be released tomorrow and a part of the record.

“Night and Day” is a walking contradiction, like many pop songs these days. Many use sad chords and instrumentals with happy themes in the hooks, but Vök went the other direction. “Night and Day” can make you feel warm and happy inside with its shimmering synths and Margrét Rán’s gentle voice floating on top of the track. However, when you listen deeper, there is something a little sadder about it, which makes it a much more modern pop song. It is about someone who can’t let go of a past relationship and is going to some pretty extreme ends to get them back.

Rán explains just how the lyrics fit into the song.

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“‘Night & Day’ is a sad love song about a person who's definitely not taking no for an answer in the case of letting go off their former relationship. ‘It’s a matter of time ohh ohh ohhh you will be mine’; It can almost appear a little creepy,” she explains to Magnetic.

"Night and Day" will be released tomorrow and a new album following 2017’s Figure will be released early next year.

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