Review: The Nuggy Vape by NugTools

“As the cannabis accessory space matures, we continue to see innovation and competition elevate the end user experience.”
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Nuggy Vape

Nuggy Vape

The Nuggy Vape is a solid, oversized guitar pick-shaped multi-tool for vaping and dabbing concentrates. A grip-friendly, textured aluminum oxide shell feels stable and weighty in the hand and the four dabbing tool "blades" (a paddle, a scoop, a pick, and a fork), are each engineered for use with differently-textured concentrates. It comes in a choice of a handsome blue or festive pink-colored case.

So I've had a few weeks with this device now and I'm glad it's a part of my arsenal of concentrate tools. I've used all four differently-shaped "blades" and though I find myself using the paddle and the scoop most, I have a few brittle-textured products that work well with the pick and the fork.

Most of my other dabbing implements are repurposed dental tools with a pencil-like shape. It took a few days of practice, but I summited the learning curve associated with this differently-shaped device with ease. Though heavier and balanced with a more distinct center of gravity, it feels natural in the hand after only a few uses. 

Like all similar tools, the Nuggy gets gooey. Also like all similar tools, it is super easy and quick to clean— just heat the post-dab stuck-on goo with a lighter and wipe it off with a paper towel. So far, I've mostly used this at home where I am well stocked with paper towels, but I can imagine taking this for a sesh somewhere else and worrying that it might not open again if I close it before I'm able to clean it properly, a reminder to keep maintenance supplies handy when on the go. 

Nuggy Vape

Now... the fine folks over at NugTools tell me this device doubles as a carb cap... My experience suggests this is a bit of a stretch. I've tried to use it this way on several devices and its significant heft and largish form factor just preclude it from performing very well. I guess I could see using it this way in a pinch, but if the company is married to the carb cap idea, I would suggest they either find a way to re-engineer the case or magic-up a new "carb-cap blade."

At $39, the Nuggy Vape is an excellent value. Any concentrate enthusiast would be glad to have this ultra-portable tool in their pocket. Its posh look and substantial feel also make it an obvious choice for a groomsmen and bridesmaid' gift for canna-themed weddings, or as high-end swag for other canna-themed events.

As the cannabis accessory space matures, we continue to see innovation and competition elevate the end user experience. The Nuggy Vape does just that. 

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