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REZZ Drops Spooky Halloween Mix With 13 Unreleased IDs

All tracks on the A Nightmare on REZZ Street are exclusive to it.
Rezz Royal Oak Music Theatre


REZZ has released her A Nightmare on REZZ Street mix. The just over 30 minute mix contains a whopping 13 unreleased IDs that are exclusive for it and won’t be released otherwise. We will see if she can stick to that if fans clamor for a couple of songs, but that is the plan. The mix also comes with a visual component as well.

Last week, REZZ started teasing a new project A Nightmare on REZZ Street. She started to reveal details day-by-day about what would be in it, with various colleagues hyping it up to infinity. Now fans have a chance to get lost in the spookiness of REZZ’s mix. The visual takes pieces from horror movies and splices them with a dark, forest in flames and haunted houses. 

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