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Snippet Of Ripping 14-Minute Thomas Bangalter Techno Track Appears Online

The rare release comes on the soundtrack for a Latvian film.

It has been five years since Daft Punk released Random Access Memories, but Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have stayed busy since then. Fans clamor for another album, but they have been working on new bits of music for themselves and for others here and there. Thomas Bangalter released a 14-minute techno song "Riga (Take 5)" as part of the soundtrack to Latvian film Riga (Take 1) last year, but it was only released on vinyl this year.

500 of the blue vinyl records were pressed and now a snippet of Bangalter’s track has made it’s way online via Ed Banger’s Instagram page. Listen to the tune and hope that the full thing is released.

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