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Listen: Soul Bandit - The One

Premiere: Soul Bandit Returns With New Halloween Offering "The One"

LA based producer / DJ Soul Bandit has returned with her striking new single, “The One”, just in time for Halloween. It's been a while since we have heard from this alternative electronic artist but Halloween seems to be the perfect time for her return as she works her dark style into another interesting song. The track stands out as it builds through its bassy production and vocal overtones. Laced throughout are off-the-wall hand drums that really make the deeper grooves buoyant. Although there are no formal lyrics, it feels very easy to sing along to. Soul Bandit had to say this about her second annual Halloween release,

"Unlike the journey through death and the afterlife that I took people through with the EP “Alone in Life, Together in Death” that I released last Halloween, this year I wanted to do something completely different and totally nonsensical. Funny enough, there actually aren’t even any official lyrics for this song, just sounds. I feel like it's human nature to want to know the meaning behind everything to give us a sense of connectivity or something to identify with. But the fact is, we’ll never have all of the answer because some things can’t be explain, and we should be okay with that."

While we have become familiar with the somewhat off the wall sound and style of Soul bandit's music, it's her real approach and her personal philosophy that reminds us that there are still people out there making music from feeling and emotions and not just sample packs and generic melodies. Sometimes it’s better to let the world take you rather than fighting it and that's exactly what this song does for me. The lack of actual lyrics keep focus on the songs unique production and transformative vibe.

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There is no shortage of creativity in Soul Bandit's arsenal. It’s always fantastic to hear what new direction she may take with each release and “The One” has set the bar in exploring her creative boundaries. As she navigates different perspectives through the variety of her tracks, we continue to discover new things to hold on to and appreciate. The real and vulnerable approach to her music is refreshing and we are excited to see where she will take us as she has confirmed at least 8 new songs for 2019.

Check out “The One” below and drop her a follow her on IG and Spotify

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