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Spotlight: Loopmasters Announces Loopcloud 3.0 With New Features

Loopcloud brings new features with better tagging previewing, audio warping and DAW integration.
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Loopmasters Loopcloud 3

Loopmasters Loopcloud 3

Loopmasters has announced Loopcloud 3.0, which comes with a slew of new features.

Going through your sample library can be tedious and impossible if everything isn’t tagged correctly or if updates to your software mess up your system. Loopcloud looks to correct that with better tagging previewing, audio warping and DAW integration with your own local sample collection. Your samples can be previewed in the right key in any DAW.

Loopmasters Loopcloud 3


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When you upload samples to Loopcloud, it will analyze the sample for key, BPM, content type and instrument. You can time-stretch and pitch-shift your samples to match your project.

You can download the software for free here. If you have Loopcloud 2.0, the software will update automatically. 

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