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Nothing is nicer than some great new music to ease the transition from summer into fall. September was full of new releases that make you want to kiss your summer flings goodbye and settle in with a cozier fall boo. 

1. Danny Pratt - Black Magic

This song is 4 minutes of pure seduction. Danny’s lyrics take you straight into an evening with that one person you never want to get your hands off of. A dangerous, dark, all-consuming attraction. This song is intensely sexy like the eyes your crush makes at you. 

2. Arctic Monkeys - Four Out of Five

The Arctic Monkeys released this live version of "Four Out of Five" this month and it is addicting! This song feels like if Los Angeles was relocated into outer space and Stanley Kubrick was voted major. Alex Turner’s imagination mixed with his sultry vocals makes you feel like you are ready to pack your bags and catch the next space shuttle out of good old Earth and enter into the luxurious space world of your dreams. The tempo change in the second half of the song so subtly shifts the mood into an even more cosmic dreamy vibe that feels just right with the classic Arctic Monkeys guitar riffs we all love.

3. James Supercave - Come Alone

James Supercave is gracing us with another new song, lucky us! This song makes you feel like you are descending into a tropic-funk hypnosis. Halfway through the song, the band pulls out and you find yourself in a synth bass trance. Eclectic percussion builds back into the full groove to satisfy parts of you that you didn’t even know needed satisfying. The newly released video is worth a watch as well.

4. Sports-  Cadillac

There are quite a few songs that hit me with the “festival effect”. This is a term I made up to describe when a song makes me feel like I need to be dancing in a massive crowd of people as soon as humanly possible. This song is impossible to not move your body to and comes off of Sports’ latest album Everyone’s Invited. Catch them at one of the remaining shows of their tour if you are trying to get transferred into a psychedelic funk cave, they put on a hell of a live show with glittery costumes and a whole lot of soul. 

5. Neil Frances - Dumb Love

The world became a better place in 2016 when Neil Frances was formed. The world became an even better place this month when they finally released their first EP Took a While, which is humorously titled as its release was definitely anticipated. The boys did not disappoint! Every song off of this EP feels like it has been hand selected and perfected to really present the duo's sound. This song is one of my favorites off the EP. The drums and bass keep a steady beat as they move you through smooth vocals and some fast guitar. This is another song that is hard to not dance to this month.

6. The Marías - Clueless

This song is dreamy, groovy, sensual and jazzy all in one. Maria’s vocals are like honey and when layered over male vocals and the smooth lounge groove of the music it all sounds dreamlike and velvety. Makes you wonder how they can capture so many feels into one song. 

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7. Grapetooth - Red Wine 

This is a song that I wouldn’t mind listening to just the instrumentals of because the guitar is so mellow and easy to listen to yet the spacey vocals and faint falsetto harmonies tie everything together sweetly. Listen to this song if you need just one last taste of summer goodness because this song feels like a warm, July breeze. I recommend this one with a chilly cocktail of your choice or maybe some red wine ;) 

8. Lana Del Rey - Mariners Apartment Complex 

Oh, Lana. Our indie queen has done it again with this new release. She just gets you in such a specific sad girl mood. This song is a nice 70’s vibey ballad with a lovely acoustic sound. The piano and guitar come together to create the perfect canvas for Lana to paint over with her smoky whispering vocals and emotional lyrics. You know its working if you suddenly catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you are wearing a pout. 

9. Yumi Zouma - Crush (It’s Late, Just Stay)

This song takes you back and forth between two lovers who equally want one another but are too caught up in between wanting to play cool and wanting to fully expose their hearts. The blend of male and female vocals on this track amplifies the feeling of this emotional push and pull. 

10. Farao - Marry Me

It is rare that I listen to a song on repeat during my entire 45-minute commute to work but Farao has got me hooked on this one. I've tried to switch it up, but I can not stop hitting replay. It is one of those songs where the more you listen to it, the more intricate details you discover in the sound and your mind is continuously satisfied. It's not entirely complex, just very thoughtfully arranged. The vocals are dreamy, the bass is groovy as hell, the melody is super unique and the lyrics are some of the most poetic yet direct lyrics about love I have heard all summer long. 

11. Christine and the Queens - The Walker

Her vocals, her vocals, her crisp, clean, melodic, angelic vocals. Can you tell that I think these vocals are perfect? I have never heard of Christine and the Queens until stumbling upon this track this month but her music is definitely worth checking out. One cool fact about her recently released album Chris is that she recorded both English and French versions of the songs. 

12. Munya - If I’m gone Tomorrow (It’s Because of Aliens)

I would accept alien abduction happily if outer space had its own music scene. Chilly music, spacey vocals, fun alien sounds. What more could you want from an indie song? This one is a fun one to listen to while laying on your back looking up at the stars or your ceiling if it's getting too cold out. 

13. Richard Swift - Broken Finger Blues

I love the sounds Richard Swift plays with. He makes music that makes you feel like you are hearing tunes from another time. It feels raw and soulful and real, like an old black and white photo. This is my favorite song off of his recently released album that explores a wide range of style. 

14. Arlie - Barcelona Boots

I have been going through my day randomly bursting into this high pitched singing of  "DO YA, DO YA, DO YA, DOOOOYAAAAAA?" This track is so dang catchy and very fun to sing along to.

15. Rhye - Hymn

Vocals are the main focus on this track. This song makes you want to close your eyes and ride the feeling of this slow smooth snake-like movement. Listen to this song with eyes closed laying down while in a  space of receiving. It will be a meditative experience. 

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