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Weedsday Playlist: Cannabis Chef Leather Storrs Shares 5 Songs For Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, pass and play to this week's weedsday playlist.
Leather Storrs Weed

Portland-based chef and the Culinary Institute of America alum Leather Storrs has been cooking with cannabis over the past few years. He chefs up some mouth-watering recipes like tincture cured fish, shake-roasted vegetables and potted pork rillettes with sous vide potatoes and mushrooms. Storrs also co-owns Noble Rot, a popular Portland wine bar offering city views and small plates highlighting ingredients from their rooftop garden above. He was a winner on Food Network’s Extreme Chef. With that in mind, we had to get the chef to divulge some of the music he listens to when he cooking up some of those dishes or just relaxing with some weed after a long day at the office for a Weedsday playlist.

“Getting audio advice from me is like getting political theory from Sean Penn. My musical taste ranges from bad to worse,” says Storrs. “Nevertheless, someone asked, and I’m tickled, so here are five songs that I like with the following caveat: If you don’t like pop and corn, move along.”

1. Led Zeppelin - Tangerine

I was a Dungeons and Dragons dork and a classic rock fan, so Led Zeppelin is required. I’ll pick “Tangerine” because it’s trippy and has to do with food.

2. VULFPECK - Animal Spirits (feat. Theo Katzman & Christine Hucal)

I just recently got turned on to Vulfpeck, a funky, bass driven quartet out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. “Animal Spirits” is about an unlikely couple whose success is already written in the stars. Their lyrics are smart and their technique is tight. This jam makes me wiggle and giggle.

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3. BØRNS - 10,000 Emerald Pools

“10,000 Emerald Pools,” by BORNS, is what fudge would sound like: It’s gooey and tooth achingly sweet. If you’re fresh into a hot relationship and you’re searching for sentiment to channel your ardor, pop this moist maker on the hifi.

4. Ben Folds Five - Philosophy

It was Ben Folds or Phish at four and I’m betting those dirty Vermont hippies get plenty of weedy props so I’ll stick my neck out with “Philosophy,” from his first album Ben Folds Five. Folds is great at melody, clever with the words and an exceptional pianist. I take my mom to see him when he comes to Portland. I always imagine this song as the soundtrack to a cooking show. It has a meandering piano intro where I see myself lacing shoes, sharpening my knives and tying my apron… Look, I warned you.

5. The Notorious BIG ft. Ja Rule - Old Thing Back (Matoma Remix)

Matoma is a Norwegian DJ with a knack for magical remixes. “Old Thing Back” is the finest example of his work. This old school classic has a laundry list of attributes: An undeniably groovy beat and the mellow sound of the tenor sax, filthy sexual boasting, an exhaustive list of collaborators mentioned at both the beginning AND end of the song, some of Biggie’s best lines including this brilliant seminal couplet: “I’ve got the cleanest, meanest penis / You’ve never seen this stroke of genius.”

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