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It may not be summer anymore, but that just means you can take your disco shoes back indoors to light things up under a disco ball. We have another roundup of the best disco and funk songs from the last month to keep you moving and grooving.

1. Michael Jackson - Get On The Floor (Pete's Multitrack Freakout)

Is it possible to take an impeccable Disco classic & make it even more Disco? The answer is an absolute yes! Pete Le Freq's take on Michael Jackson's "Get On The Floor" is the stuff my sparky Disco dreams are made of. Smooth & sexy, with 1:30 up front to up your anticipation for what is about to hit you. Yummy.

2. Toro y Moi - Freelance

With synth tones overlaying a Disco backbeat, Toro Y Moi is back to put a little groove in my step. Chaz has been playing with some other sounds over the last couple of years, & it's nice to hear him just the way I like him, smooth & funky.

3. Midnight Pool Party - Stand A Chance

Wow, have we missed Midnight Pool Party! You don't need to worry if you stand a chance, because the answer is a solid yes! I for one am super excited about the experimental vibe of this track and wait for the pure Disco breakdown at 3:02. Genius. 

4. Moullinex - Carnival feat. Shermar (Romance Orchestra Remix)

In a word, smooth...This remix of "Carnival" is a silk robe. It just drapes there, but you can drop it anytime and be just as comfortable in your own skin. What more should a song do?

5. Super Paolo - Funk City (B. Bravo Remix)

Next stop, "Funk City." I would like more than a day pass here, people! This is lip-biting funk, with a slow Disco swagger I can't get enough of. Paulo Guglielmino, more, please!

6. Final DJs - I Feel Free feat. Bright Light Bright Light

Oh, Final DJs, thanks for coming to the sparkly side! We need you here! Rod, aka, Bright Light Bright Light, has such a panache for adding his silky vocals to a gorgeous track & making it extra.

7. Sweetooth - Vicious (Limpodisco Remix)

Paul Withey & Sarah Lazenby are giving me a bad sweet tooth with this track, because I need more sugary deliciousness after hearing "Vicious," with a confectionaries delight of a remix by Limpodisco. 

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8. Hotmood - Party People

You are going to want to sink your teeth into this one. Hotmood is giving us pure funk goodness this time around with "Party People," with a consistent bass groove, & plenty of encouragement to hit the floor. I suggest you listen to what they are throwing won't regret it!

9. The Funk District - The Power of Voodoo

A little haunting harmonica alongside the booty-shaking bass, this voodoo is working for this Disco/Funk lover. The Funk District brings it home again. Fernando Mendoza, you are the real deal. I can't wait to hear what's next.

10. Maraschino Cherry - V.D. (Original Jimmy Michaels Bootleg Remix)

This is Disco after dark my friends and yes, it is about VD. Not a cute subject, but the song makes up for it in ample amounts of Disco cheese. Happy to hear this bootleg see the light of day again!

11. Purple Disco Machine - Encore (Yuksek Remix)

I mean, I seriously can't even with this!? "Hey, how you doin' tonight?" is the question and the answer is SO much better after hearing this! Sweeping strings in the background, funky basslines and a welcome male vocal that takes this collaboration of Purple Disco Machine's fantastic original track & Yuksek's brilliant remix to a whole new level. 

12. VIGI - French Honey (Casual Connection Remix)

It seems unfair that I am not sitting on a beach in Nice listening to this breezy song, but it still takes me there and that's all that matters. If this is what "French Honey" sounds like, then, I will take a year-long supply.

13. Ryan Hemsworth - This Feeling feat. Marco Mckinnis

This is pure baby making music right here! So sexy & funky, Marco Mckinnis's vocal is like butter on this track. This song is not representative of the rest of the album at all, so let's enjoy this sweet, sweet groove while we've got it!

14. Escort - Slide

Whoa...I just realized I was sliding through the delicious good! Escort has been away for a while, but their return is more than welcome. This track is veteran territory. Welcome back!

15. Sirens of Lesbos - Shotgun

By no means a typical disco track, until the 44-second mark, then please be ready to shuffle your way through the rest of this surprising gem. A dreamscape of pure groove, "Shotgun" will wash over you in the most gentle of ways.

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