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15 Best Drum and Bass Tracks of October 2018

We promise no tricks, only treats, in this month's selection of all things Drum & Bass.


As October comes to a close and we're forced to accept that Winter is coming, we've pulled together a list of our fifteen favorite Drum & Bass releases from the past month to help warm things up. Highlighting the impressive diversity of the genre, this month's chart features new music from Matrix & Futurebound, Break, Current Value, Brookes Brothers, DLR, and more. 

1. Feint – “Defiant” feat. Laura Brehm (Liquicity)  

Feint deliver this emotive, warming piece of liquid drum & bass with an acoustic flair as poignant guitar strums pair perfectly with Laura Brehm’s enchanting vocals. Of course, the drop delivers an explosion of vibrant, upbeat energy in typical Feint fashion, creating a stark contrast to the otherwise elegant, gentle atmosphere.

2. Brookes Brothers – "Every Minute" (InsideInfo Remix) (Drum&Bass Arena) 

Of course, this release has definitely been a favorite this month. Coming from two of the most respected producers in the game, and from seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum no doubt, InsideInfo lends his ingenious tech-heavy sound to Brookes Brothers’ original jazzy number for a seriously stunning result. The juxtaposition of luxurious vocals against the grit of InsideInfo’s unique brand of neurofunk makes for the perfect remix!

3. Whiney – “Mission” feat. Inja (Med School) 

One of our favorite tunes of last year was Whiney’s seminal collaboration with Inja, the mighty “Flashlight,” so you can imagine our excitement to see yet another collaboration from these two. Known for his infectious positivity in the scene, Inja delivers a motivational message with a sinister twist in perfect synch with Whiney’s insidious, resounding basslines and haunting hi-hats.

4. Break – “Alpha” (Symmetry Recordings) 

As Break gears up to release his fifth full-length studio album, the legend from Bristol delivers another teaser, the funky and filthy “Alpha.” His signature crisp, clean production is taken to new heights with tribal drums, spooky, glimmering melodies, flickering sirens, and a whole lot of annihilating bass that somehow manages to remain oh-so-groovy.

5. Matrix & Futurebound – “Believe” (Viper Recordings)

Another favorite this month comes from iconic duo Matrix & Futurebound, the hauntingly stunning “Believe.” In addition to flawless production, what really stands out about the track is the vocals. It’s rare to find strong male vocals in drum & bass, but the vocals on this are simply stunning. Taking us back to our rock n’ roll roots, the track is full of rebellious energy and a certain degree of elegance that we just can’t get enough of. 

6. Aperio and Monrroe – “Focus” (Shogun Audio) 

Two of the best and brightest up and comers in the scene, Leeds-based Aperio teams up with Bath-based Monrroe for a stunning release on Shogun. The track fuses together elegant, graceful pads with fluttering, gentle vocals to create a luxurious ambiance while slowly introducing a darker edge to the mix, a true representation of both producer’s distinct sounds. Lively and lovely, the track’s subtle complexities and crisp production are what make it truly stand out, alongside the tactful juxtaposition of harmonious liquid vibes and something just a bit more sinister. 

7. Hillsdom – “Colours” feat Novokane (Pilot) 

Another favorite newcomer of ours, Hillsdom first emerged to the drum & bass scene with the release of “Lucid Dreams” on UKF’s Pilot imprint early last year. “Colours” is another collaboration with vocalist Novokane, and delivers sultry, exotic vibes with a certain sense of familiarity and warmth. Easy listening derived from technical prowess, Hillsdom have consistently proven they are on the rise and show no signs of slowing down, either. 

8. Logistics – “Let The Senses Clear Your Mind” (Hospital)

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Written for the popular racing game Forza Horizon 4, the track certainly brings the fast-paced energy that comes to mind when picturing the soundtrack to any racing game. However, in addition to being incredibly vivacious, the track also delivers the magic associated with Logistic’s productions – an enchanting atmosphere is created right from the start, radiating positivity and comfort in a way that only Logistics can. “Let The Senses Clear Your Mind” is the ultimate feel-good tune. 

9. DLR – “Dafunk” (Chronic Recordings) 

For those who like their drum & bass on the wonkier side, this new one from DLR opens on an instantly eerie note, foghorns blowing faintly in the background before jazzy horns enter the mix. And as if that wasn’t enough, filthy bass slices through the track alongside quiet vocal samples, all coming together to form a formidable, oddly groovy dancefloor weapon. 

10. Brookes Brothers – "New Wave" (Breakbeat Kaos)

A name synonymous with soulful liquid-funk, the brothers from London never cease to amaze. Their new release celebrating 15 Years of Breakbeat Kaos is a catchy winter warmer that is sure to become another chart-topping classic. No one does contagious charm quite like the Brookes Brothers, and this release is certainly no exception!

11. Mohican Sun – “Trade Winds” (Integral) 

Another new one from the mysterious entity that is Mohican Sun, “Trade Winds” is simply stunning. Gifted to us at the start of the month, the track has an oriental magnetism that is nothing short of alluring; the way the sounds are slowly layered as the track progresses makes it totally mesmerizing. Each sound is given room to breathe, yet complements the next flawlessly. The result is something completely spellbinding. 

12. Inward, Hanzo & Randie - "Bloom" (Gydra Remix) (C4C Recordings)

Released as part of a series of remixes on the Consistency of Error LP, Gydra’s take on Inward, Hanzo, and Randie’s “Bloom” is nothing short of phenomenal. An absolute weapon of a tune, the track harnesses the energy of heavy metal/rock music with stomping, distorted guitar riffs and pounding drums for an adrenaline-fueled headbang-demanding masterpiece. 

13. Current Value – Signal Jam (Blackout) 

Current Value is known for his flawless, forward-thinking sound design and audio-visual experiences. He is permanently living outside the box. Despite being known for constantly pushing the boundaries of bass music, his latest release “Signal Jam” still managed to take us completely by surprise. With a jazzy, fresh intro that caters to a casual liquid audience, the track manages to create a soothing ambiance before dropping into absolute chaos. Not many people can pull off such a drastic switch, yet Current Value somehow manages to pull it off ingeniously. 

14. Mutated Forms – “Flashbacks” (Spearhead) 

Mutated Forms deliver a really delightful, different track for their album of the same name, “Flashbacks.” Intrepidly playing with moments of silence throughout the track, there’s a definite catchiness from the hiccup effect created, as well as a charisma that seems to exude out the speakers. Elegant yet energetic, we’re captivating by the impeccable sound design and creative arrangement from start to finish. 

15. Chimpo, DRS, Slay, and Ragoloco – “No Trust” (Box N Lock)

Highlighting the immense diversity drum & bass is capable of, this track from Chimpo, DRS, Slay, and Ragoloco is a sophisticated, hip-hop inspired tune with poignant, airy piano melodies and a variety of soothing vocals and emotive verses that all come together for a refreshing end result. Equal parts uplifting and multifaceted, the track’s comforting medley makes it truly stand out. 

That's it for this month, but be sure to check out last month's chart for more drum & bass goodness. 

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