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Aphex Twin Selling Crazy New Merch: Teddys, Facemasks, Hoodies & More

Get some very odd and unique Aphex Twin gear this weekend.
Aphex twin teddy bear

Even Aphex Twin is getting in on the holiday shopping craze this year (or at least his team has convinced him to). Aphex Twin is putting out some new merch and it is predictably rather strange. He is selling an assortment of items like umbrellas, babygros, hoodies, face masks, creepy teddy bears (look at them!) and more.

It all goes on sale at Bleep at 10am London time and a limited amount online. A batch of the merch will be available at Joint Harajuku in Tokyo on December 1 starting midday.

The merch is based on his music videos including Ventolin” anti-pollution mask, a “Wondowlicker” umbrella, “CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ]” hoodie, the creepy “Donkey Rhubarb” teddies, a “Come To Daddy” babygro and t-shirt and more according to Pitchfork. Sign up for pre-sale and updates on his website.

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