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Chicago's First Vinyl Pressing Plant In Two Decades Opens

Smashing Plastic is the city's first pressing plant in two decades.
Smashed Plastic Vinyl Plant

Smashed Plastic Vinyl Plant

Chicago is getting a new pressing plant. Smashed Plastic will be the city’s first plant in about 20 years.

The vinyl revolution has caused bottlenecks at many of the pressing plants around the world and this has caused some serious delays for small labels who can’t get their vinyl pressed as larger labels come in with larger, more expensive orders.

Smashed Plastic is only a small operation at the moment with one press according to a profile in the Chicago Reader. It was founded by CHIRP radio DJs John Lombardo and Andy Weber, Stationary Heart label owner Steve Polutnik and silent partner Matt Bradford, who is offering with financial backing. The new plant is located in a former Hammond organ factory in Belmont Gardens.

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They bought a WarmTone press from Toronto company Viryl Technologies for around $200,000 in October 2017. The WarmTone can turn PVC pellets into vinyl in 30 seconds and they claim it only wastes 1% of the records it manufactures.

The plant is divided into three rooms, one of them being a bar where artists and labels can come into have a drink and listen to test pressings. So far their only customers have been people they know, but potential new clients are getting in touch.

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