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Event Review: Porter Robinson Played A Frighteningly Good Halloween Set In Brooklyn

The last two times Porter Robinson played in NYC was as Virtual Self, so it felt refreshing to see him play such an energetic DJ set as his original Porter Robinson persona at Avant Gardner.
Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson

It's been a while since we last had a Porter Robinson DJ set in NYC. The last two times he's played here has been as Virtual Self - the first show was in Brooklyn last December, and at Electric Zoo 2018. His Halloween show inside the massive Great Hall at Avant Gardner brought a mass of festively dressed fans ready to dance to night away in true rave fashion.

Hiyawatha and Jergo played a B2B to kick off the night, which transitioned into an upbeat house and future bass set by Devault that prepared the crowd for a night of nostalgia, feels, and nonstop jumping. 

Porter confidently took the stage after a delay of about 15 minutes and you could tell the crowd was more than ready to dance the night away in their Halloween costumes. He played the entire Worlds album but either remixed them or played official remixes of them. My standout favorite was the Last Island remix of "Fresh Static Snow."

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The crowd itself was incredibly lively and you could hear exclamations of "oh my god", "this is amazing," or people shouting with plain excitement. Fans of Porter Robinson are incredibly devoted, so everyone was singing along to many of the songs he played, including the very emotional, "Shelter." His set was a diverse mix of vocal heavy tracks, dark house, bass that made people jump out of their costumes, hip-hop that made the crowd go "whaaat?!" and a healthy selection of fun Japanese songs because, well, Porter Robinson!

Several times throughout the set, he stood on the DJ table and admired the crowd, waved to some fans, and simply admired the hard work he puts into his visuals and shows. Since he came on a little later than scheduled, he kept the gigantic room of Avant Gardner's Great Hall going until around 3 AM. Fallen confetti covered people's sweaty bodies and the floor as people exited, ending yet another quality show.

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