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Exclusive: Watch This Production Tutorial On How To Make Elements Of The Stranger Things Soundtrack

See how key components of the Stranger Things soundtrack are made with some simple hardware.

It is Halloweek and there may not be a new season of Stranger Things hitting your Netflix this year, but the soundtrack is still as haunting and powerful as ever. Austin-based band S U R V I V E are the brains behind the project and it has helped inspire a new wave of dark synthwave that we are here for. In honor of the frightening holiday, we have a special production tutorial by Dirty Secretz on how to make sounds like the Stranger Things soundtrack. He uses uses two pieces of hardware, the Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 and AS-1. He takes you into the key components of the soundtrack including some of the basslines, the haunting synth melodies and how you combine them to create this warm, yet spooky soundtrack.

“The Pioneer DJ AS-1 has a wonderful, warm sound that lends itself so well to creating the sounds of 80s electronica and even just using some of the presents as a base to start from, you can certainly get very close to those sounds very quickly,” explains Dirty Secretz. “Using a combination of the step sequencer and the on-board effects, you can create those tension-building sound track style sounds.”

Watch the video below made exclusively for Magnetic.

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