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Haywyre strikes back with "Tell Me" from his new EP "Panorama: Discover"

After a 2 year break from releasing music, Haywyre is back with an incredible new EP 'Panorama: Discover' which is now available on all platforms.

Hailing from terminal city, Vancouver jazz-electronic producer, Haywyre has thrust his way back into the scene with his first single release in two years. This beautifully orchestrated track, titled “Tell Me,” was dropped as a precursor to his brand new project, the Panorama: Discover EP.

The new track features elements of disco with its funky cadence and whimsical melody. The lyrics are as easily followed as they are sang along and as the funk kicks in, the track is then accented by sweeping synths that are characteristic of Hay’s electro-groove sound. Our favorite part of "Tell Me" is the jazz piano break near the middle of the track which is reminiscent of his earlier works and elevates it into a head nodding, stank-face bonanza. Just as effortlessly as these keys drop in, the entrancing robotic lyrics usher us back to the booty-shaking foundation from which it started. We will definitely be hearing this track dropped at electro savvy dance clubs worldwide.

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When asked about his new release, Haywyre had this to say about his latest work. 

“Tell Me’ is meant to be fun, new and exciting. It’s placed appropriately in the Panorama:Discover EP, which explores the experiences and feelings of discovery.”

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His broadened approach to composing tracks parallels effortlessly with his electrifying take on contemporary dance music. Haywyre’s influence from the sounds of Herbie Hancock, Flying Lotus, and prodigies such as Rachmaninoff are apparent in his instrumentation & production. This is also noticeably reflected in his live performances which feature a multitude of eclectic sounds and a display of fluid dexterity on the keys. If you have not seen him live yet, then you better keep an eye on his 2019 dates which should be announced soon. 

In conclusion, “Tell Me” is a waterfall of melody rich and diverging musical concepts that prime listeners to for the plunge into the soundscape that is Panorama: Discover (Go play it now!!)

Streams for the single and the EP are below. 

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