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How It Was Made: Hydergine – Diving Alone EP [Dreiklang]

You'll be diving alone in no time

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of How It Was Made. This week's guest is a master dub techno producer by the name of Hydergine. He recently released his Diving Alone EP, a spacey and deep techno cut accompanied by a couple stellar remixes. How does one get those wavy and warbling pads and atmospheres? The producer gives us the inside scoop on how he did it. 


Waldorf Microwave XY

"I used the mighty Microwave XT to model chords and pads. It is a classic synthesizer from the late 90s, and its wavetables resemble the sound of the PPG wave, which I am really addicted to. I am impressed all the time with its sonic capabilities. I recorded a long live sequence and, as usual, I processed it subsequently in Ableton Live."


Strymon Big Sky

"The Big Sky is a really outstanding reverb, easily my favorite one. I used it extensively to bring an ecstatic and spacey vibe to chords and melodies."


Elektron Octatrack

"I use it mainly for live sets, but the Octatrack gives plenty of creative possibilities to the production workflow as well. In Diving Alone, drums have been sampled and processed inside it."

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Revox A77

The final outcome has been recorded on tape with the Revox A77. I like sometimes to do it since tape really gives a warmer and analog feeling, which is a great feature for dub techno.


LED Lamp

Although not strictly an instrument, my lamp always creates a Zen atmosphere in the studio, helping me to calibrate the proper mindset and let the inspiration flow.


Check out Diving Alone below, and be sure to grab a copy.

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